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3 Important Advances in Medical Technology

The medical field has seen huge and dramatic developments and discoveries, with many coming in the last decade and even more recently. These innovations have the potential to help large numbers of people live healthier lives. Here are three important advances in medical technology.


The use of nanotechnology within the medical field has opened doors to fresh approaches for treating various conditions, including cancer. In some applications, nanodevices distribute dyes and help doctors study tumors. However, new uses are exploring using nanobots to actually deliver treatments and medicines to damaged cells as well as repair tissue and cells. Such advanced endeavors require specialized equipment to build nanodevices, meaning companies providing CAD design services themselves are seeing steady technological developments.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, or AR, has become an important tool in medical industry training. Completely different from gaming applications, the medical field’s use of AR allows surgeons to practice complex techniques before starting to operate. This advanced technology helps experienced surgeons stay current on surgical best practices, and it is used for teaching residents and medical students new procedures.

It also provides a valuable arena for young doctors to practice dealing with particular types of situations they might encounter during surgery, including medical emergencies, errors, and panic. Using AR to learn and practice surgical techniques is easier and more affordable than using real cadavers, although that practice continues to be employed.

Brain-Machine Interfaces

Brain-machine interface technologies, or BMI, are being explored as a way to create advanced prosthetics and help those with paralysis by repairing damage to crucial areas of their bodies. The chips used in this technology come in both invasive and non-invasive styles. This field is also being explored as a way to help those suffering from addiction and anxiety.

The world of technology is changing almost daily. Many of these advancements have medical applications for patients with a host of conditions and needs. Time will tell how truly useful these developments will be to both doctors and patients.

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