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Nate Boyer Net Worth

By Jacob , in General , at April 20, 2024

Nate Boyer can best be described as a modern Renaissance man. As an Army Green Beret who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has also become an accomplished world traveler, philanthropist, and football player.

He served as long snapper on the University of Texas team before graduating with a degree in Physical Culture and Sports in May 2013.

Early Life and Education

Discovery recently debuted a reality competition series hosted by former Seahawk and Army Green Beret Nate Boyer called Survive The Raft that puts nine candidates up against one another over 21 days of sailing on Acali II.

Boyer took a risk and attended an open football tryout at the University of Texas after graduating high school, never having played organized football before. Unexpectedly, he made it on to their team as long snapper and quickly became its starting player.

Boyer served his military duty for 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan before transitioning into civilian life as a speaker and philanthropist through Merging Vets & Players foundation. Since then he has become highly sought after to speak about veterans’ affairs while acting in films/TV as producer/actor/host.

Professional Career

After graduation, Boyer attempted acting in Los Angeles and caring for autistic children to cover rent costs. But his passion for service drew him into joining the Army’s Special Forces candidate training. One of eleven soldiers from his class to complete Green Beret training successfully, he was then deployed for five years across Iraq and Afghanistan.

Boyer returned home and attended an open football tryout at the University of Texas. Although he had never participated in organized football before, he made it onto their team as a long snapper (hiking back punts and kicks).

Now, he serves as host of NFL original series Indivisible and founded MVP: Merging Vets & Players to assist veterans and former professional athletes transition back into civilian life. Through his hard work and conviction in community power, he continues to prove that anything is possible with determination and faith in people power.

Achievement and Honors

At age 29, Nate Boyer attended an open football tryout at the University of Texas and made its team despite never playing organized football before going onto serve six years and multiple tours for both Iraq and Afghanistan in the Army before signing with Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2015.

Boyer has proven time and again that anything is possible through his strong belief in “Anything Is Possible.” His story of perseverance and resolve is truly inspirational for young people as well as veterans alike. His infectious positive outlook motivates audiences worldwide.

He found so much fulfillment from these life-altering experiences that he decided to start the nonprofit organization Waterboys, dedicated to providing clean water access in underserved communities. He currently hosts the new reality competition series Survive The Raft on Discovery Channel.

Personal Life

After six years and multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army, Boyer made an attempt at walking onto the University of Texas Longhorns football team as their starting long snapper, serving in this role on punt, field-goal, and extra-point kicks. Although successful at making it onto the roster, he was eventually released in August 2015 to make room for another player.

His story serves as a lesson in courage and determination in order to prevail against all obstacles, serving as an inspiration to those with big dreams who refuse to give up on them.

Boyer is now a film director, producer, and actor. In addition, he co-created and executive produced the NFL Network series Indivisible with Nate Boyer where he speaks to cities, players, businesspersons, community leaders about issues facing them and how football brings us all closer together.

Net Worth

Boyer lives by his mantra that anything is possible, which keeps him focused on reaching his own goals while aiding others in reaching theirs. A true survivor, he knows how to get the most from life.

As soon as he graduated high school, Nate took up various jobs before moving to Los Angeles in search of acting. His first acting gig came when he worked as deckhand on the Cherokee Geisha sport fishing boat based out of Point Loma.

An overwhelming desire to serve his nation led him into the Army’s Green Berets unit and eventually multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan over six years. Later at 29, after having never participated in organized football before, he attended an open football tryout at University of Texas despite not knowing anyone there and was accepted as a long snapper on their team.


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