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The Bittersweet Truth: Sugar Is the Main Cause of Childhood Cavities

By Jacob , in Health , at May 3, 2024

Did you know: 2 out 5 children have at least one cavity before they finish elementary school? It’s a concerning reality and the culprit? Sugar.

It’s just that when your child consumes a lot of sugar, including soda and juices, bacteria find a nice place to camp out next to a very abundant food source. And these bacteria have a sweet tooth for sure, feasting on leftover sugar after your child enjoys a treat or drink.

As a thank you for the amazing feast, these bacteria release a tone of acid onto your child’s teeth which accelerates the process of decay.

What do you ask? It’s simple, change your child’s diet to healthier food like fruits and cheese, and don’t forget to visit a pediatric dentist right after your child’s first birthday.

Understanding Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

You know how those small cavities may develop in infants and toddlers? Teeth decay in infants and toddlers is known as Early Childhood Caries (ECC). What happens is that germs love sticky, sweet liquids like fruit juice, milk, or formula that stay on their teeth for long periods, particularly while they are napping or sleeping. And just like that cavities begin to develop before your eyes.

Opt for Food And Drinks That Promote Dental Health

Don’t let sugar-induced blues get you depressed! You can help your kids’ teeth and gums as they eat these tasty foods:

1.Crunchy fruits and vegetables: Consuming naturally raw fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and celery will not just provide the needed nutrition but also work for better oral health by stimulating the body to release more saliva for cleaning the teeth.

2. Calcium-packed treats: Milk and dairy products, especially yogurt and cheese, which are rich in calcium are used for the strength of your bones and your teeth.

3. Protein-rich snacks: By following a diet in which you limit the intake of meat proteins and replace them with easily digestible protein-rich foods such as tofu, salmon, and chicken, you will be able to have nice and strong teeth and gums in the long run.

4. Whole grains galore: As a smart choice instead of sweet snacks try whole grain foods like oats, brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc. to get better and less sticky carbohydrates.

Prevention: The Best Defense for Healthy Smiles!

Ensure children brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day and start flossing when teeth touch. Opt for fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush with a small head. Children may need supervision until they can effectively brush on their own.

Preventive Treatments

Kids Mile High Pediatric Dentistry in Central Park offers various preventive treatments, including:

  • Dental Sealants
  • Treatment For Kids
  • Treatment For Teens
  • Special Needs Patients
  • Isolite
  • Myobrace
  • Waterlase
  • Mouthguards

Final Thoughts

A proactive stance is key to warding off tooth decay in babies and children. By grasping the effects of sugar on dental health and embracing healthy habits, parents can set their little ones on the path to bright, cavity-free smiles.


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