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Hair regrowth and the power of derma roller for scalp

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at May 11, 2024

In the quest for thicker, healthier hair, innovative solutions continue to emerge, and one such breakthrough is the derma roller for scalp. Embraced by Neofollics Hair Technology, this cutting-edge tool offers promising benefits in promoting hair regrowth and revitalizing scalp health.

Understanding the derma roller for scalp

A derma roller, also known as a microneedle roller, is a handheld device equipped with tiny needles that gently puncture the skin’s surface when rolled over the scalp. The derma roller for scalp specifically creates microscopic channels in the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing response and enhancing the absorption of topical treatments.

How does the derma roller for the scalp work?

The derma roller’s mechanism of action is twofold.
Firstly, the micro-injuries induced by the needles trigger the release of growth factors and cytokines, promoting the proliferation of hair follicle cells and stimulating hair growth.
Secondly, the channels created by the derma roller for scalp enhance the delivery and penetration of hair growth-enhancing ingredients, such as Neoxyl®, a complex developed by Neofollics Hair Technology, directly to the hair follicles.

Benefits of derma roller for scalp

  •         Promotes hair regrowth: By stimulating blood flow and activating hair follicles, the derma roller encourages the growth of new, healthy hair strands.
  •         Enhances absorption of topical treatments: The micro-channels created by the derma roller improve the absorption up to 5 times, boosting the efficacy of topical treatments, and maximizing their benefits for scalp health and hair regrowth.
  •         Improves scalp health: Regular use of the derma roller can help to exfoliate the scalp, remove dead skin cells, and unclog hair follicles, creating an optimal environment for hair growth.

Neofollics Hair Technology’s approach

Neofollics Hair Technology recognizes the potential of the derma roller for scalp in addressing various hair and scalp problems. Committed to innovation and efficacy, Neofollics offers a comprehensive approach to hair regrowth, combining the derma roller with scientifically formulated topical treatments designed to nourish the scalp and support healthy hair growth.


In the realm of hair care, the derma roller for scalp stands out as a promising tool for promoting hair regrowth and enhancing scalp health. With its ability to stimulate hair follicles, improve topical treatment absorption, and support overall scalp wellness, the derma roller holds tremendous potential in the pursuit of thicker, fuller hair. Embraced by Neofollics Hair Technology, this innovative approach to hair care offers hope when you are seeking effective solutions for your hair or scalp problem.


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