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Pleasure P Net Worth

By Jacob , in General , at May 4, 2024

Marcus Ramone Cooper, widely acclaimed as Pleasure P, has built an outstanding career as an American R&B singer-songwriter. As both part of Pretty Ricky and as an individual artist he has seen tremendous success.

He has also become a television personality, appearing in various shows such as Love and Hip Hop Miami. Additionally, he has made money through product endorsements and sponsorships.

Early Life and Education

Pleasure P initially made his name as part of R&B group Pretty Ricky before leaving to pursue solo work in 2007. His debut album The Introduction of Marcus Cooper featured hit singles like Boyfriend #2 and Under which generated significant income through royalties.

Singer has an impressive endorsement portfolio and brand partnerships, increasing his earning potential further. Additionally, he has written songs for other artists which has resulted in publishing royalties being paid out as additional income streams.

Marcus Ramone Cooper was born in Miami, Florida on December 27, 1984 and established Pretty Ricky with fellow teens Diamond Smith, Spectacular Blue Smith and Corey Mathis as teenagers in 1997. They signed with Bluestar Entertainment.

Professional Career

Marcus Ramone Cooper, commonly referred to by his stage name Pleasure P, is an esteemed American contemporary R&B musician renowned for his musical prowess and unique storytelling talent. Throughout his professional journey there have been both highs and lows which has helped define his music in unique ways.

He began his musical journey as part of Pretty Ricky, a band founded in his teens alongside fellow members Diamond Smith, Spectacular Smith and Corey Mathis and signed to Bluestar Entertainment in 1997.

After his group disbanded, Pleasure P began his solo career. His debut album The Introduction of Marcus Cooper was released in 2009 and its singles “Boyfriend #2” and “Under” quickly became hits that cemented his popularity and earning potential. Concert tours provided further income while royalties from songwriting efforts added extra income streams for him.

Achievement and Honors

Marcus Ramone Cooper has become one of the most acclaimed vocalists and songwriters in R&B music, known for his soulful voice and emotive lyrics.

Cooper formed Pretty Ricky as a teenager with his three brothers and gained notoriety when they signed with Bluestar Entertainment in 1997, touring extensively before Cooper decided to pursue solo musical endeavors in 2007.

Marcus Cooper first released his debut album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, in 2009. It received widespread acclaim and earned multiple Grammy nominations. Additionally, he collaborated with other artists and made appearances on soundtracks; most recently in 2014 reuniting Pretty Ricky members with him again.

Personal Life

Pleasure P is an iconic American R&B singer and songwriter renowned for his soulful vocals and emotive lyrics. First becoming famous as part of Pretty Ricky, before later embarking on his solo career – his music career has earned him considerable riches thanks to record sales, concert tours, endorsement deals and advertising campaigns.

His debut single, Did You Wrong, hit #90 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #20 in R&B/Hip-Hop charts upon its release, helping propel 2009 album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper. Additionally, hit singles Under and Boyfriend #2 have also seen success as part of Pleasure P’s musical ventures as well as investments into real estate and other businesses ventures.

Net Worth

Net worth is calculated as your total assets minus total liabilities, so it’s essential that you regularly calculate it to stay informed on your financial progress and goals. There are many strategies for increasing net worth such as saving regularly, paying down debts and making smart investments that will boost it further.

Marcus Ramone Cooper Sr, better known by his stage name Pleasure P, is an American R&B singer first recognized for his stint with Pretty Ricky boy band. Since then, he has continued his solo career releasing popular albums and singles under this moniker.

Pleasure P has appeared on multiple television shows, such as Love & Hip Hop: Miami where he discussed his journey as an artist. Additionally, in 2014 Pleasure P and other original members of Pretty Ricky announced an official reunion aimed at an international tour and Bluestars 2 album release.


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