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7 best smartphone accessories of 2021

By Cristiana , in Technology , at February 10, 2021 Tags: , ,

With the evolution of smartphone technology, a cell phone has become more useful for its users. It allows us to watch the desired content, play games, capture photographs, video calling, and much more. Especially in this COVID-19, no one can imagine his life without a smartphone.

From a powerful processor to a stunning display, the smartphone is a complete package of entertainment and connectivity. It can facilitate you with all the functions that you expect from an electronic device. Meanwhile, it is still incomplete without necessary attachments. You need to buy a collection of smartphone accessories to use your device to the fullest. There are even some functions that you cannot access without using cell phone accessories.

As technology is upgrading, 2021 is a year full of surprises and innovations. You might be confused about smartphone accessories to buy this new year. If so, then read this blog post until the end.

Have a look at the 7 best smartphone accessories of 2021:

  1. Wireless Earphones:

Wireless earphones were amongst the top trending smartphone accessories of the year 2020. Similarly, these earphones have entered in 2021 market with the same pride and popularity. Various smartphone manufacturers are launching innovative wireless earphones this year. From TWS earbuds to neckbands, you will see more efficient gadgets than ever before. Brands like Samsung, Jabra, Sony, JBL, Apple, etc., are expected to launch wireless earphones with Bluetooth v5.1. This Bluetooth version is known for providing stable connectivity and optimized performance with smartphones. Along with that, TWS earbuds will feature a great battery backup of 100 hours on a single charge. Wireless earphones will be the best choice for you if you want to buy phone accessories in 2021.

  1. Silicon Back Cases:

Well, back cases are always trending and the most useful accessories of all. A back case protects the smartphone from getting damaged during an accident or a drop. You might be thinking about what will be new in these accessories in 2021. According to teasers, manufacturers are introducing adjustable back cases. These cases will adjust themselves to the movement of smartphones. For instance, LG is launching its Wing smartphone with double screen technology. These kinds of smartphones need adjustable back cases to support their movements. Thus, silicon back cases are going to be more productive and durable than ever before. You can choose various innovative back cases according to your requirements.

  1. Anti-blue ray screen protector:

Anti-blue ray screen protectors are winning users’ hearts since their introduction. They protect the screen digitizer of your smartphone and your eyes as well. Manufacturers design these screen protectors in such a way so that they can remit blue light emission from the smartphone. However, users face issues like reduction in content quality, clearness, color saturation, etc. Considering this, manufacturers are deciding to feature HDR 10 compatibility in these screen protectors. It means you will be able to watch desired content on your smartphone along with protecting your eyes from the blue light.

  1. Smartwatches:

If we are discussing the best smartphone accessories, we cannot forget smartwatches on this list. The smartwatch is a Bluetooth device that allows its user to access various smartphone functions on his wrist. You can monitor your health credentials, access calls, messages, music, GPS, and a lot more without touching the smartphone. In 2021, smartwatches are expected to feature a blood oxygen monitoring system. This technology was introduced by Apple in its Watch series 6. Now, most of the smartwatch brands are going to provide this feature in their gadgets. It means you will be able to access premium features in budget smartwatches as well.

  1. OTG Adaptors:

OTG Adaptor is the most common smartphone accessory on the list. It comes with a USB-A port on one side and a USB type C pin on another side. You can transfer and access essential data files on your smartphones with the help of an OTG adaptor. Similar to other accessories in the list, OTG adaptors are expected to feature innovative improvements this year. Manufacturers are producing multifunction OTG adaptors consist of an SD slot, Micro SD slot, USB-A port, and much more. In simple words, the OTG adaptor is becoming a 3 in 1 accessory to meet all of your requirements.

  1. Fast Chargers:

In a life full of challenges, no one can wait for two hours to get his phone fully charged. We mainly buy fast chargers to charge our smartphones in a couple of minutes. In 2021, fast charging technology will reach its next level. The reason is manufacturers are introducing QUALCOMM 5.0 this year. The previous generation QUALCOMM 3.0 can handle an output of 65 watts. However, QUALCOMM 5.0 is expected to manage an output of up to 245 watts. It means you can charge an average 5000MaH smartphone battery in just 5 minutes.

  1. Game Controllers:

With the introduction of high graphic games in smartphones, the craze for mobile gaming is increasing day by day. You can play video games in 4k settings and up to 120 frames per second. Excitingly, Nvidia GeForce is launching NG play software to enhance your mobile gaming. You will be able to play high-end console games such as Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, etc., on your smartphone without downloading them. It is a cloud-based gaming platform where you can play games using cloud storage. All you need is a game controller because you cannot access all the functions without the same. You must buy a premium game controller to improve your gameplay experience in 2021.


As we know, 2020 has changed our lifestyle and introduced a lot of innovative gadgets for us. 2021 is also going to maintain the legacy of innovation. It means you will see a wealth of innovations in smartphones, smartphone accessories, and other gadgets. In 2021, your smartphone accessories are going to be more productive than ever before. You can choose from a variety of innovative accessories in the market. However, make sure they are compatible with your smartphone model for a better purchase. Visit- Esource Parts


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