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10 Questions To Ask Your IT Company

By Cristiana , in Business Technology , at January 18, 2022

To get the most out of your IT company, you need to be able to ask the right questions. Here are some ideas on what you should be looking for in an IT company.

1.) What are your company’s core services?

– Core services are what the IT company specializes in. These are generally more profitable for them which is why they are more likely to be done well.

2.) What types of business do you typically work with?

– Different IT companies work best for different businesses. So think about what your business does and ask the IT company if they have experience working with clients like you.

3.) How do you analyze and propose solutions?

– If possible, ask to see a sample of how the IT company goes about offering help and/or proposing a solution. This will give you an idea of what kind of advice they offer and how they go about doing it. Ideally, your IT company should be capable of developing a solution based on specific project requirements and constraints.

4.) Do you only work with certain technologies?

– As technology continues to advance, there are more and more IT companies popping up which means competition is fierce. This often leads to IT companies offering their clients a limited selection of services in order to stay competitive. So it’s important to offer best web and mobile frameworks.

5.) What criteria do you use for project selection?

– IT companies have to choose which projects to take on so think about what you want from your IT company before this stage. Ask them how they decide which projects to work on and, if possible, ask for a list of previous clients who were in similar situations to yours.

6.) What is your process for service engagement/selection?

– This question will reveal how the IT company goes about working with clients and what’s involved in that process. Do not hesitate to ask if there are certain things you should be doing in order to prepare for a project, such as backing up files or purchasing specific hardware.

7.) Do you provide ongoing service after the project is complete?

– Some IT companies will install a solution and be done with it while others may also offer ongoing maintenance for their clients. If your business already has an IT staff, this means they’ll have more time to focus on other projects which can save you money in the long run.

8.) How do you ensure successful project outcomes?

– IT projects are run differently depending on the IT company and how much experience they have. So find out their process and what kind of criteria they use for successful outcomes.

9.) What type of communication do you use?

– Communication is important in any project so find out what kind your IT company uses. If possible, ask if there are different communication methods for morning and evening hours and ask if they could explain what each method entails. This will make it easier for you to keep track of conversations and ensure no important details get missed.

10.) What other services do you recommend?

– An IT company is more likely to be successful when their clients are using the various technologies offered by them so think about which services you’d like to use in the future. Find out how they work and whether your IT company would be willing to offer their expertise when it comes time for you to implement them.

We hope these questions will help you gain the proper knowledge from your IT Solutions Company.

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