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6 Best Apps to Hide Photos in 2021

Technology is growing in no time nowadays and that we are finding new features in our mobiles with the passage of your time. Smartphones are now coming with advanced security measures. Smartphones are now equipped with different security measures like fingerprint scanners, biometric authentication, PIN, or password. These features also help us in making our smartphones safer and keep the privacy of important data.

There are still some devices that do not offer enough security measures to safeguard your data. We all take our personal pictures and do not want to share them with others. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the highest 13 best apps to cover photos/videos on Android in 2020. you’ll be able to use these apps to cover your photos or videos. These apps will facilitate you if your device is lost or some mishap happens.

Best apps to cover photos/videos on Android

Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault considered one of the simplest apps to cover photos/videos on Android. This app works as a two-factor password security app. you’ll be able to hide your photos or videos on this app and may assess them by entering a four-digit pin. you’ll also store individual albums with a password on Secret Photo Vault. If your mobile device contains a fingerprint scanner then you’ll be able to also enable it during this app.

Secret Photo Vault also has the simplest feature of Stealth Mode. With this feature, this app doesn’t appear in recent apps and nobody can see it. After hiding photos or videos from this app, nobody can see these within the file manager or explorer. Secret Photo Vault hides photos/videos in a very secret folder.


Vault-Hide is additionally one of all the most effective apps to cover photos/videos on Android. This app comes with all the mandatory features that you simply required for your privacy. Vault-Hide may be a one-stop solution for all of your photos/videos to cover on your device. Not only hiding your photos/videos you’ll be able to also hide your call logs by using Vault-Hide. you have got to line a password on this app so as to cover your photos and for accessing them.

If you forgot your password then you’ll reset it by entering your email id. you’ll also hide the apps by using the Stealth mode through this app. you’ll be able to also back-up your important data like videos and photos if you do not want to lose.


1Gallery may be a new addition to the most effective apps to cover pictures and videos on Android. This app is additionally one of every of the simplest apps for hiding photos. 1Gallery comes with a mix of standard gallery and also a gallery vault function. you’ll see your photos/videos and other stuff normally like within the gallery but you’ll be able to also hide them.

The vault of the app is fully encrypted for every file by a password. you’ll access the vault of the app in three alternative ways. The 3 ways of accessing the vault are a pin password, pattern lock, and also a fingerprint scanner. The app also has another amazing feature. 1Gallery also has basic photos and video editor and also has a themes option that you just can choose from. you’ll use and download photos of the 1Gallery at no cost but there’s also a premium version of the app. you have got to acquire the premium version of the app.


Applock is additionally one of the simplest apps to cover photos/videos on smartphones. This app is developed by DoMobile Lab. It one of the foremost renowned apps for the privacy of your data. This app is specially developed and designed for Android users. one of the foremost interesting features of this app is it can convert any app into a vault app.

Applock comes with a large range of safety features that facilitate securing your data. you’ll be able to conceal this app from the app drawer. Moreover, you’ll also lock your important apps like the gallery by using Applock.

You can download and use Applock for free. The free version of the app contains a lot of ads, you’ll also buy a premium version of the app if you do not want to determine ads.


The name of the app clearly suggests that this app will facilitate yours protection of your personal photos. This app is one of the highest Android apps to cover photos. it’s a really decent and effective gallery vault app. you’ll be able to also use this app while staying offline. LockMyPix comes with amazing safety features that include full AES encryption, fingerprint scanner and also operates on the files of a micro SD card. The app also has one among the opposite amazing features that you just may also make a fake vault. This feature is best for those who sometimes force you to open the lock of the app.

You can use and download this app at no cost but there’s also a professional version of the app available on the PlayStore.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

As the name of the app suggest that this app will facilitate you in protecting your photos and videos on Android. Keepsafe is additionally one amongst the all right known and best apps to cover photos/videos. you’ll be able to hide your photos and videos from other users by using the Keepsafe Photo Vault. you’ll secure your photos and videos by setting a password. you’ll also use a fingerprint scanner to access your photos and videos if your device supports them.

Moreover, you’ll be able to also backup your photos and videos on the cloud in order that you do not lose your data. Another best feature of this app is you’ll be able to share your pictures and videos directly from the app.

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