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Victoria Jordan – A Celebrity Child With a Lavish Lifestyle

By Jacob , in General , at May 15, 2024

Victoria Jordan is Michael Jordan’s daughter from his marriage with Yvette Prieto. They married in 2013 and immediately welcomed twin daughters Victoria and Ysabel into the world.

Parents are doing everything in their power to shield their children from media and paparazzi coverage; they feel it’s best that their young ones enjoy their childhoods without any interruption from adult world.

Early Life and Education

Victoria Jordan is a glamorous celebrity offspring who lives an extravagant lifestyle. Her father is basketball legend Micheal Jordan who played 15 years professional basketball and won six championships with Chicago Bulls. Victoria enjoys an extraordinary lifestyle inherited from both of her parents.

Victoria Prieto is the daughter of supermodel Yvette Prieto. In 2013 she married Jordan and they quickly had twin daughters together; Victoria is one of them, while her parents strive to keep Ysabel out of the spotlight.

Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine are her three step-siblings from Victoria’s first marriage. Each are successful businesspeople; her family attends church every Sunday; and participate in charitable work such as supporting children living with life-threatening conditions via an annual donation to Make-A-Wish America of $10 Million.

Professional Career

Victoria remains very humble despite her parents’ wealth. She currently works as a sales associate at Carriage Court mall in Warren, Ohio where she is said to be well liked by coworkers. According to one of Victoria’s former coaches she always dresses “up to the nines”.

The Jordans tend to keep a relatively tight lid on their children, yet Jasmine, their oldest daughter has made quite an impression as she now represents Charlotte Hornets players and serves as an ambassador for Jordan Brand. Additionally, Jasmine founded Heir Jordan with her younger brother Marcus – an organization for charity work.

Their mother Yvette is an established former model who has collaborated with notable fashion designers like Alexander Wang. She currently stands at an estimated worth of $5 Million while Michael, her father, has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 Billion through basketball career earnings and business ventures.

Achievement and Honors

Victoria Jordan has become widely-known through her celebrity parents. Her father was once an NBA basketball player while her mother is an established model. Victoria lives with both parents as well as two step-siblings Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine in America.

She graduated from Newton Senior High School as a four-year letterwinner, also winning the IGHSAU Academic Achievement Award her sophomore, junior and senior years.

Later, she married Rakeem Christmas and is currently employed with Jordan Brand, helping schedule appearances, photoshoots, media coverage and media appearances for her father’s team, the Charlotte Hornets. Additionally, she studied sports management at Syracuse University. Furthermore, her family has made many humanitarian contributions such as working against human trafficking and providing assistance for refugees – she serves as an outstanding role model to many.

Personal Life

Victoria and Ysabel Jordan were born on February 9, 2014, in the United States – Michael Jordan’s first children from his second wife Yvette Prieto.

Her parents prefer that her twin children spend their childhood free of social media and paparazzi attention; as they believe their young minds cannot yet handle such lifestyle. Thus, both can enjoy an idyllic childhood.

Victoria has three step-siblings from her father’s first marriage with Juanita Vanoy: Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. Marcus played college basketball before opting to work for Jordan Brand managing appearances and photoshoots instead of going pro; Jasmine graduated Syracuse University before working alongside Marcus managing appearances and photoshoots of Jordan Brand.

Net Worth

Victoria Jordan does not yet possess her own net worth as she is still too young to pursue a career. However, her parents’ wealth will help support her.

Marcus and Jeffrey followed in their father’s footsteps and have made names for themselves in the shoe business. In 2019, the duo established a boutique sneaker store offering high-end footwear.

Michael Prieto amassed an immense fortune through basketball and business ventures, including being chairman and owner of Charlotte Hornets professional basketball club as well as owning a Nissan dealership in North Carolina’s Durham region and investing in tech startup Gigster; ultimately amassing an estimated net worth of $2 billion while mother Yvette Prieto amassed $50 million net worth.


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