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By Jacob , in General , at June 2, 2024

Gabriel Swaggart Net Worth – A Look at the Celebrity Life

Gabriel Swaggart is an internationally-recognized pastor and host of Sonlife Broadcasting Network’s Generation of the Cross, an exciting weekly youth-centric show. Additionally, he oversees Crossfire Youth Ministry at Family Worship Center – his family church home church.

He is married with three children; Matthew leads Crossfire Youth Ministry within his ministry.

Early Life and Education

Gabriel is an evangelist for the Pentecostal church and serves alongside both his father and grandfather in ministry. Traveling extensively around the globe spreading Christ’s message of peace, he serves as co-pastor at Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA.

He hosts the Sonlife Broadcasting Network show Generation of the Cross, which addresses issues relevant to youth. Additionally, he leads Crossfire Youth Ministries and organizes four annual rallies that take place across America.

He and Debbie have three children together: Gabriel, Matthew and Jennifer. Additionally, he enjoys golf as an active hobby and have long spoken out against rival televangelist Marvin Gorman whom he criticized for having sexual relationships with prostitutes.

Professional Career

Gabriel Swaggart serves as an associate pastor at Family Worship Center, home church and headquarters of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM). JSM is an epicenter for worldwide evangelism that was established over 60 years ago by his grandparents Jimmy and Frances Swaggart.

Gabriel and Jill lead Crossfire Youth Ministry at Family Worship Center and travel to four annual rallies as well as three camp meetings annually. Furthermore, Gabriel serves on the international Sonlife Broadcasting Network show Generation of the Cross that specifically targets topics relevant to youth. Furthermore, both Gabriel and Jill host Generation of the Cross on Sonlife Broadcasting Network which features topics of particular relevance to young people. Additionally they both participate in four annual rally rallies as well as three camp meetings together each year.

Gabe enjoys playing golf and following Tiger Woods closely. He and his wife reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Achievement and Honors

Gabriel serves as Associate Pastor of Family Worship Center, home church and headquarters of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. He has led crusades across the United States and forty different countries; hosted radio shows on SBN; and founded Generation of the Cross which tackles issues relevant to youth.

Musical talent ran deep within his family tree; two of his cousins rose to stardom as rock ‘n roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis and country musician Mickey Gilley respectively. However, Reverend Swaggart pledged his allegiance to God that he would never depend on his natural talent for financial gain.

He and his wife, Debbie, lead Crossfire Youth Ministry from their residence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His three children – Ryder Euin Presley, Navy Matthew Aaron, and Jenniffer Swaggart – assist them with this ministry.

Personal Life

Gabriel Swaggart is married and the proud parent of three children: Samantha Gabrielle, Abby Jill and Caroline Frances. He currently resides in Baton Rouge Louisiana where he makes a living through both evangelical work as well as co-hosting on SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN).

Family Worship Center, home church of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM). A graduate of World Evangelism Bible College & Seminary where he serves as adjunct professor. Host of Generation of the Cross television show that provides biblical solutions for everyday challenges.

Also at JSM is Crossfire Youth Ministries and Campmeeting events; together with his wife they founded Bible Outreach as a non-profit to distribute Bibles and Christian literature worldwide.

Net Worth

Gabriel Swaggart’s net worth stems from both his ministry work and television personality roles. As pastor of Crossfire Youth Ministries, he oversees various programs for teenagers and also ministers alongside his father and grandfather at Family Worship Center’s televised platform. Furthermore, he hosts Generation of the Cross and Living Waters on SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN), earning revenue through book sales as well as speaking engagements that typically come with honoraria payments.

As President of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Associate Pastor at Family Worship Center, he is deeply immersed in the inner workings of JSM and contributes to its production and management, in addition to earning money through musical talents and personal investments.


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