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Yun Sung Bin Net Worth

By Jacob , in General , at June 26, 2024

Yun Sung Bin, best known for his success on Netflix reality show Physical 100 and as an actor/racer on K-drama projects and brand collaborations, has gained widespread acclaim in the recent years.

Jihyo of popular girl group TWICE has reportedly started dating Olympic skeleton champion Yun Sung Bin. Media outlet Sway reports that these two have formed an affinity through sports and live near one another.

Early Life and Education

Yun Sung Bin’s mother Cho Young-hee is an enthusiastic supporter of both his career and personal decisions. At first she advised against him trying out skeleton due to the potential danger, but later encouraged him to reconsider it as she wants him to follow his own path.

At 28, this athlete made sports history by winning gold in men’s skeleton at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. With an active lifestyle including training, hiking and golf he regularly posts pictures from these pursuits on social media platforms such as Instagram.

De Jong has also appeared in popular K-dramas such as Secret Garden, Crash Landing on You and Sam-Soon. Additionally, he participated in Netflix survival show Physical 100 which features athletes from diverse fields such as MMA fighters and army reservists.

Professional Career

Namhae County-born athlete Min Hyung Lee achieved international renown when he won gold at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018 for skeleton. Skeleton requires athletes to race a sled known as a “skeleton bobsleigh or sled”, head first down an Olympic track.

Yun Sung Bin transitioned from professional sports into entertainment by hosting and appearing as a guest on numerous TV variety shows, and running his YouTube channel “Olympian Iron Bin”, where he showcases his impressive physical abilities.

As part of his stint on Physical 100, he mesmerized audiences with his natural charm and light-hearted nature. Genie the dog is his “older brother”. Furthermore, Genie boasts millions of followers across his social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter.

Achievement and Honors

Yun Sung Bin first rose to fame on television through roles in popular dramas such as Doctor Lawyer, Secret Garden and Crash Landing on You. Through these thrilling leads he amassed a vast fan base. This success led him to earn the prestigious Grand Prize (Daesang) award at 47th Baeksang Arts Awards for Television acting.

Physical 100, a survival show where contestants compete in various challenges to determine who’s strongest, saw him delight audiences with his captivating looks and powerful physique – even impressing some fellow participants by scaring some with his strength! He even managed to impress some with his racing.

He’s an avid golfer, enjoying workout foods like broccoli and burgers as part of his meal prep regimen. Additionally, he regularly posts photos of Genie his dog to Instagram.

Personal Life

Yun Sung Bin is one of South Korea’s most accomplished athletes. His hard work and talent have garnered him international praise; acting projects and brand collaborations alike have recognized his efforts; estimated earnings per scene from Yun’s acting projects exceed $67,000100 USD.

He has professionally studied martial arts, fencing and horseback riding. When not teaching these activities he enjoys reading and collecting hats in his free time.

Physical 100 was his competition, and contestants respected him due to his ability to win death match challenges. Furthermore, he is both fast and skilled enough to jump high, making him an unparalleled frontrunner for this competition.

Recently, media outlets reported that TWICE member Jihyo and Olympic skeleton gold medalist Yun Sung Bin are in a romantic relationship. According to reports, they met through mutual friends and quickly developed an interest in exercise together; now living nearby each other in Seoul’s Seongdong District’s Geumho neighborhood.

Net Worth

Yun Sung Bin is one of the most acclaimed actors in Korea with an avid following. Known for his captivating roles in K-dramas like Secret Garden, Sam-Soon and Crash Landing on You as well as earning millions through brand collaborations and endorsements he is estimated to make an estimated 67,100 USD per scene and earn millions through brand collaborations and endorsements.

At Physical: 100, his alluring looks and physique would make even the strongest men green with envy. Additionally, his competitive spirit and unfaltering will were evident when competing against fellow participants such as backflipping wrestler Nam Kyung-Jim and army reservist Agent H.

His mother always encouraged him to try something different and break out of his routine, encouraging him to follow a different path that ultimately lead him to greatness in his career. However, his personal life remains private with no sign of romance on any of his social media accounts.


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