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Jumaane Williams Net Worth

By Jacob , in General , at June 16, 2024

Jumaane Williams, New York City Public Advocate and political outsider is entering the Democratic primary for New York governor.

Williams is a first-generation Brooklynite who spent his childhood living in Starrett City, the nation’s largest federally subsidized housing complex. After overcoming Tourette’s and ADHD to become an influential leader at City Hall and advocate for truly affordable, income targeted housing and fair policing policies.

Early Life and Education

Jumaane Williams grew up in Brooklyn as the son of two immigrants from Grenada. He credits his early education in public schools of Brooklyn with contributing to his success – graduating first from Phillipa Schuyler Middle School for Gifted and Talented Students, then later from Brooklyn Technical High School.

Williams became one of the city’s highest profile critics of NYPD stop and frisk tactics as one of his roles on City Council, advocating for affordable housing, gun violence prevention measures and other social justice causes.

As New York’s public advocate, he plans to advocate for affordable housing, criminal justice reform and other progressive priorities. Furthermore, he wants to develop and push for an all-inclusive health care plan for New Yorkers.

Professional Career

Jumaane Williams is an activist elected official who represents everyday New Yorkers’ voices in City government. Born to Grenadian parents and raised in Brooklyn Public schools, he managed to overcome Tourette Syndrome and ADHD to earn his Master’s degree. Starting as an organizer at Greater Flatbush Beacon School before later taking on his current post as Executive Director of New York State Tenants & Neighbors fighting for truly affordable, income targeted housing units.

As NYC Public Advocate, he spearheaded legislation that fundamentally altered police policing practices within the City, including ceasing biased-based profiling and holding officers accountable for their actions. Now running for lieutenant governor on a Democratic, DSA and Working Families Party ballot line against Kathy Hochul is his goal.

Achievement and Honors

Jumaane Williams excelled academically while overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome and ADHD to earn his Master’s Degree at Brooklyn College. Now an activist-elected official who amplifies ordinary New Yorker voices within city government, making New York truly progressive beacon for all.

He has led efforts to enact groundbreaking legislation to transform police policing in NYC, such as ending Stop, Question and Frisk abuses against communities of color; creating the NYPD Inspector General; investigating unlawful and unethical behavior by members of law enforcement; fighting for affordable housing solutions and more.

Current New York City Public Advocate Letitia James is also running for governor this year on a ticket with Zephyr Teachout against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as part of an electoral ticket called People For Change. We caught up with him to discuss where his campaign stands with just days remaining until primary day and some of his major initiatives.

Personal Life

Williams made headlines prior to being elected public advocate, running twice for governor in 2022 and coming within seven points of defeating Kathy Hochul in the Democratic primary race. Williams has often voiced criticism against Governor Andrew Cuomo and has aligned himself with the left-wing Working Families Party.

He is renowned for his tireless activism, having been arrested more than once for standing with marginalized communities. Since becoming public advocate, he has introduced legislation intended to empower workers, protect homeowners from foreclosure, and end discrimination in housing.

In 2019, he took over a $5 million-a-year office that provides government services and assistance to New Yorkers with issues and complaints, yet many cubicles were left vacant upon The New York Post’s visit recently. A sign on the door said, due to higher than normal call volumes an associate will respond in three to five business days.”

Net Worth

Jumaane Williams is a first-generation Brooklynite of Grenada heritage who attended public schools as he overcame Tourette Syndrome and ADHD to obtain his Master’s Degree. After working as a community organizer with Greater Flatbush Beacon School and later serving as Executive Director of New York State Tenants & Neighbors where he advocated for truly affordable income-targeted housing, he founded NY Tenants & Neighbors where he fought hard for truly affordable and income-targeted living arrangements.

He joined the New York City Council in 2009, representing Brooklyn’s 45th district and was an outspoken critic of NYPD stop-and-frisk tactics during this time.

In 2018, he ran an impressive race for lieutenant governor against Kathy Hochul and established himself as an emerging progressive star across New York state. Now, he hopes to bring transformative change to Albany with his bid for governor.


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