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Video Game Investors

By Cristiana , in Technology Business , at November 18, 2022

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While the video game industry has long been overlooked in the mainstream, more investors are noticing. The growing popularity of gaming has led to the emergence of several VC funds in the industry. Some of these funds are gaming-specific, while others are generalists who focus on the gaming industry as a whole.

One such company is Atari. Atari creates interactive entertainment across several platforms and branded items, making it a well-known company in the market. With 200 unique franchises and games, Atari has become an iconic gaming brand. If you’re a fan of the company’s fun, you can follow their official social media accounts and Medium blog to stay updated on the latest news.

Video games are a growing industry, and more people are starting video game companies. These companies need money to stay afloat. Video game VCs are a great source of funding.


Publishers are video game investor that provides funds for game development. Unlike other investors, they will not invest money in the game itself. Instead, they’ll invest in the game’s development team. This way, the developers will have a more significant amount of control over their projects. A publisher also offers support for the game’s release and may even advance payment for the project.

Game publishers are also faced with distinguishing themselves in a crowded market. While some focus on expanding existing intellectual properties, others aim to create new franchises and ecosystems. The top 10 selling games last year were sequels to popular series. This may sound risky, but the long-term rewards can be huge.

A publisher will also help developers with marketing and advertising. They’ll manage social media posts, reach new audiences, and place ads. It is something that most developers need more time for. Ultimately, publishers will provide funding to help developers launch their games. In exchange for this, the developer doesn’t have to pay for salaries or assets.

Angel investors

Angel investors often play a vital role in the development of video games. They can be instrumental in bringing the company to the public eye if they invest in promising projects. Many of them are high-net-worth individuals who invest in startups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Many of these investors also act as board members of the companies they invest in.

Video game angel investors are private investors who provide small amounts of seed capital in exchange for a percentage of ownership in a video game company. While this may sound like an unusual arrangement, this investment is often an excellent start for game developers. Angel investors can range from business moguls to wealthy family members with large amounts of cash to invest in a promising project.

Angel investors work differently than venture capitalists. They usually have a personal connection to the company and invest less than venture capital funds. Angel investors are more hands-on, so their involvement is often less formal than venture funds. But they usually have a wealth of knowledge about the gaming industry and can act as valuable mentors for game startups.


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