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What are the Pathways for Child Care Worker PR in Australia?

Australia is a developed nation with several opportunities to embark on a new career in the country. And with this modern age, both mother and father working full time to match the living costs in top cities, there is an immense demand for professional child care workers in Australia. The whole industry for Child care is thriving at more than $12 Billion with steady improvement across the years. There are around more than 170,000 child workers currently catering to more than 1.7 million Australian Children. Child care worker immigration is a popular option for applicants to make their way into this developed nation.

Generally, there are four different child care available in Australia.

  • Home-based care (occupation list no 421111)
  • Family daycare (occupation list no 421112)
  • Centre care (occupation list no 421113)
  • Outside School Hours Care (occupation list no 421114)

Home care defines the arrangements when a known person may be a friend, babysitter, nanny, or relative takes care of your children in the home.

Family daycare has authorized and approved carer in their premises with many benefits such as home environment, playing space, and getting social with other children as well.

Centre care is among the most popular that includes all kindergartens, occasional care, preschools, and long daycare. Long days cater to families working across weeks while occasional care who need some days care for unspecified hours. Preschools and Kindergartens handle Children aged 3 or 4 years providing care and education programs. These center care programs are more trustworthy, reliable, structure, and bring opportunities for children to socialize together.

Outside School Care represents care mainly for primary children who use the space after school or sometimes before school as well.

Here is your step by step guide for the Child care worker PR Australia to give you a new beginning in this land of opportunities.

How to Become a child worker in Australia?

In Australia, there are several rules that you must overcome to become a Child worker.

  • You must a certification III for the Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Certificate IV in the School-gate education and care
  • Or acquire a diploma for the early childhood education and care
  • You must also take first aid training to add more value as a Child care professional.

On the international level, you should be able to communicate in English and enjoy the environment to make a smart living in the child care industry in Australia.

Many Benefits of studying childcare Course 

Here are the main benefits you can gain by studying a Childcare course in Australia.

  • Add the right skills and knowledge for managing children activities across the day
  • A Childcare course will also add to improve your language skills.
  • The course will give you practical exposure to starting a career in this industry.
  • A Childcare course will also enhance your chances of getting a permanent residency(PR) in Australia.


Duration and Fees: Overall the course duration stays between 39 to 45 weeks costing around $AU 7000.

Salary: On average, child care worker pay can come in the range of $50000 a year.

And with more than 90% placement opportunities in the Childcare industry, courses have become highly popular among young women’s preferably.

Requirements for studying this child care course

Here are the main requirements for starting a child care course in Australia.

  • Applicants foremost must have a work visa (Student visa and tourist visa). You can connect with PearVisa experts to know all the requirements.
  • Applicants must have verification for passing IELTS for a score band on a minimum level of 5.5/6.5 respectively.

Child care skills may include work in collaboration with a team, enjoy time with kids and communicate efficiently with parents, have a positive attitude, and take responsibility with kids to move along.


Child care workers job description 

Though child care worker requirements change from one care center to another. Still, all activities revolve around managing and taking care of Children across the day. Here are the essential Child care worker activities:

  • Take care of the daily routine of Children at the Child care center.
  • Supervise across all activities for children that may include hygiene standards, washing hands properly, and using the toilet as well.
  • Helping students in all school-related activities including homework, practicing, and overall enhance their results regularly.
  • Keep children occupied in daily activities with communication and social skills to develop their overall personality
  • Managing under care children with special needs for playing and managing activities across the day.
  • Adding entertainment in their daily routine such as playing games, reading, or any group activities, etc.
  • Manage children behavior activities during the day and help them develop social skills

Most often child care assistants have to deal with things personally with different activities of children that may vary from one situation to another.

Types of child care PR Australia 

Areas marked in Australia as Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA) that have occupation list for sponsorship and help secure permanent residency. These areas have certain requirements with lower qualifications, English requirements, and minimum salary requirements.

Child Care Worker (421111) is among the eligible occupation list for sponsoring on the DAMA regions. Several occupation titles come under this Child Care Worker that may include as:

  • Creche Attendant
  • Child Care Group Leader
  • Children’s Nursery Assistant
  • Early Childhood Worker


Sponsorship Requirements 

DAMA regions offer special employer-sponsored visa that gives employer eligibility to sponsor a person for applying for that visa. There are different rules for each DAMA region for Child care PR with common as following.

An employer must nominate the applicant for the occupation of a Child Care Worker. Then a labor agreement must be granted that follows the rule for that specific DAMA region respectively.


  • Applicants with lower IELTS score from 4.5 – 5 are allowed to apply.
  • There must be an Employer contract signifying from the employer to match the standards of the Australian market at a minimum of $48,510 every year and more depending from area to area.
  • Applicant must be under the age of 45 years in any case.
  • Applicants need to hold certificate III in the education for Early Childhood and care or any specific region requirement.
  • Applicants then also must have 2 years of experience in finishing their CERTIFICATE III for Early Childhood Education and Care.
  • Skills are also checked by the Authority to complete your check for the Child care professional in Australia.

So if you have worked under these rules for more than three years then you can apply for permanent residency. Child Care workers come under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) subclass 186 visa for applicants.

Demand for Child Care Jobs in Australia

With the continuous rise in working women, there has been a huge demand for baby caretaker jobs in Australia. Especially for women, working in childcare in Australia there is a tremendous opportunity to work and earn at their potential. And with a continuous increase in the Australian population, more and more households full-time working parents will continue to increase thus helping to grow the industry in the right direction. With effective skill acquisition and experience, they can apply for further top positions in their organization as Supervisors, Director of the Child care center, and many teaching jobs become open too.

At PearVisa, We offer a comprehensive plan for child care workers from Pearvisa Australia pr consultant Delhi for the people who want to make their inroads into Australia. Starting with an understanding of the scope, complete process, form filling, approval, travel, and accommodations with regular updates are available by our immigration experts. You can connect with our team members to know more and start your professional child daycare in Australia with sure shot success!


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