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4 Employee Wellness Ideas That Will Rejuvinate Your Team

By Cristiana , in Health , at March 6, 2023

Does your company care about the health and wellness of its employees?

You have no choice, really. There’s a direct correlation between employee wellness and organizational productivity. So, if you don’t take a keen in interest in their wellness, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot.

In the U.S., only about 52 percent of small companies have an employee wellness program. If yours isn’t one of these, it’s high time you implemented one.

In this article, we’re sharing employee wellness ideas to help you keep your people in good health and rejuvenated. Read on!

1. Provide a Safe and Healthy Workspace

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to provide a workplace environment that’s reasonably safe and healthy for your employees. You’re certainly doing that already, but when your goal is to improve employee health and wellness, it can mean going above and beyond the minimum requirements.

For example, let’s say you have a job site that exposes your workers to excessive equipment noise. This is a physical hazard, so in compliance with OSHA regulations, you’re required to find ways to address the hazard. There are a couple of ways to do this, including providing your workers with noise protection equipment.

With that, you might have done just enough to comply with the law, but you could do more. For example, if there’s more advanced equipment that produces far less noise than your current equipment, upgrading it is a more effective way to improve the employee’s well-being.

It will cost you to upgrade, yes, but the result is you’ll have healthier and safer employees. They’ll be happier and more satisfied with their roles, and will reward you with greater productivity.

As such, always go the extra mile to provide a safer workplace environment. Conduct regular safety audits to detect new hazards and take the necessary measures to protect your employees.

2. Have a Friendly Sick Leave Policy

From time to time, an employee will fall ill and seek medical attention or at least ask to get some home rest. This is where a sick leave policy comes in.

Is your policy designed to support your employees when they’re unwell or it makes them afraid to seek sick leave in the first place? Or perhaps your business has a no-sick-days policy.

It’s understandable that you might look at sick off days as a cost to your business, but the truth is they go a long way in a long way in enhancing employee well-being. Your workers will feel safe and cared for when they know they can get sick leave without a lot of hassle.

So, what makes a good sick leave policy?

First off, although federal law doesn’t mandate employers to provide paid sick leave and state laws vary, consider doing it. It will show your employees that you value them beyond what they do in the workplace; that you’re willing to care for them even when they aren’t putting in the hours. Plus, paid sick leave lowers the risk of workplace accidents as it reduces the chance that a sick or frail employee will show up at work.

Secondly, don’t make it difficult for your workers to get sick leave. Whether you offer paid or unpaid sick leave, your leave approval processes shouldn’t make workers feel like it’s their fault they’re ill, or like they aren’t supposed to be unwell.

3. Organize Off-Site Employee Retreats

When was the last time your company sponsored offsite staff retreats?

Corporate retreats are becoming more common, so you really have no excuse not to treat your employees. They’re good for team building and bonding, and can be just what you need to remotivate and rejuvenate your employees.

Besides planning staff retreats, you can also make the most of business events. Sending some of your employees to industry events like trade shows is a good way to help them escape workplace monotony. They’ll come back refreshed and ready to attack their duties.

4. Organize Workplace Health Screenings

Health screenings aren’t a favorite activity for most Americans, as only 8 percent do them regularly. The main reason many stay away is the cost of screening.

As an employer, you can bet most of your employees aren’t getting screened either. But you can change that for them, and it will help improve their well-being.

Some companies partner up with local healthcare facilities, signing deals that allow employees to get free or cheaper healthcare screenings. This incentivizes your people to go and get screened. They’ll have a clearer picture of the state of their health, and they can use the information to seek medical care where necessary.

Fear of the unknown can disturb your peace of mind and hurt your productivity. This is exactly what happens when your employees don’t know much about the status of their health. But with regular screenings and clean bill of health, they’ll have one less reason to worry about the unknown.

Implement These Employee Wellness Ideas

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Without their input, your operations will grind to a halt. While you have a legal duty to take care of their health and safety while at work, the best employers often do a lot more.

Borrow some of these employee wellness ideas and implement them in your organization. You’ll see a rejuvenated team!

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