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The Death of George Floyd in Context

By Cristiana , in News , at June 6, 2020 Tags: ,

Dark Lives Matter (BLM) is a universal human rights development, beginning in the African-American people group, that battles against savagery and foundational bigotry towards dark individuals. BLM normally holds challenges police killings of dark individuals, and more extensive issues, for example, racial profiling, police severity, and racial imbalance in the United States criminal equity framework such as 2020 May 25 George Floyd death.

Floyd’s family and many protesters say the statement is important. Floyd’s family lawyer, Chris Stewart, said Wednesday, standing with Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Guyana’s mother, Rocky Washington, “The image of the majority of George Floyd’s people is what we’ve seen.” Stuart was involved in the video, which is now seen around the world, during which Floyd repeatedly asks a white police officer to kneel down on his neck. “I can’t breathe,” Floyd says before moving, again and again, still drowning below the officer’s knee. “We’ve seen the anger on the streets. We’ve seen a lot of violence, we’ve seen beauty. We’ve seen people standing up and talking, and we’ve seen massive changes across the country,” Stewart said.

But what we really wanted to find out about this planet is that there’s a big thing about their baby. The sweetness of Guyana … the sweetness of Rocky that’s working hard all over it. And that’s why. Mona Mansour, a Minneapolis resident, said she sees Thursday’s memorial as an opportunity to step back and reflect. “I wish we could hinder a piece to comprehend the reality of life,” Mansour told Al Jazeera. “Lamentably, dark individuals need to battle more enthusiastically than every other person, yet take a gander at what we have made.”

A girl is wearing a face-mask on which written "I can't breath"

Thursday’s service comes as the prosecution announced new charges against the four police officers involved in Floyd’s death. Derek Chauvin, the officer who stabbed Floyd in the neck, had earlier charged him with third-degree murder and second-degree murder. He also faces a second-degree inhumane charge. The three opposing officers face charges of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and genocide charges. All four are in custody. “This could be an important step towards justice, and we are pleased that this important step was taken even before George Floyd’s body was buried,” said Ben Crump, a leading civil rights lawyer.

Representing the family, he said. “It can be a source of peace for George’s family during this difficult time.” Services will also be held in North Carolina. Where Floyd was born in 1973 but called Houston home for most of his life. Floyd will be buried in personal service in Houston next week. Cooper, who attends Thursday’s memorial, allows everyone to “show the way to the community, and to show that everyone agrees.” “Everyone is here for an equal cause. Everyone has an equal mindset,” he said “Furthermore, we are all trying to find an equal result … it seems like a body, and that is God’s purpose.


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