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Are Video Conferences Always Secure?

By Adam Clark , in News , at February 18, 2021 Tags:

Since the pandemic hit the world; most have been working from home. This led to an increase in the usage of online video conferences. But many a time, these meetings are supposed to stay private. Do you know if you are doing video conferencing? Some discussions and data are not for public ears and they can potentially harm the institution also. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to secure video calling.

What to Do?

What we need is to vigilantly look and take actions to create a secure video conferencing scenario. Security measures taken by a company and by an individual should not be the same. Though, both the parties must take precautions and keep their data and themselves safe.

  • The Links

Make sure the meeting links are not getting leaked or not reaching in the wrong hands. People can bomb the video conferences and gather confidential and important data or disrupt the meetings by disturbing or sharing inappropriate things. The bomber can also send malicious links which would be harmful. The security breach can also give access to hackers. Reusing old links can also cause these problems.

  • Prioritising

Video conferences are a boon to us in this situation. Even the smallest of things can be conveyed and discussed via video calls. But in the midst of all the work and ease, we tend to forget about safety and security. It is obviously best to keep sensitive information off the net but it can get near impossible under current circumstances. Turns out, people don’t really think about encrypted and secure video conferencing which makes sense as this is a new concept for many. But it is essential to make safety and security a priority and take necessary steps towards it.

  • Terms and Conditions

People have a habit of accepting the terms and conditions and granting permissions to software and applications without properly reading and processing what all is written and mentioned. While most of the famous ones are safe to use; their privacy policies keep getting updated. One must religiously go through all the terms and policies.

  • Cybercrimes

Since Coivd-19, there has been a massive increase in cybercrimes. Most of the world was forced to get online to continue their lives and not everyone is accustomed to it. This increased cyber criminal activities as the potential targets also increased. Hackers and cyber criminals are always hunting and are hungry for data. Encrypting your data, using passwords etc. can protect you and your precious data.

The Internet has been here for ages and it is ever-growing which also increases the threats and complexities. Taking the time to understand it and to learn to prevent and protect your data and yourself should be the topmost priority right now. You may feel overwhelmed in the beginning but doing this is not hard at all.



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