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President Trump’s H1B Visa Proclamation 10052 Expires

Last year, after the United States borders closed, President Trump issued Presidential Proclamation 10052 that suspended the applications of thousands of foreign workers and students for entry into the United States. Not all visa programs were held up, but the H-1B visa program suspension blocked foreign workers from entry. The proclamation also blocked H-2B seasonal workers and J-1 holders from entry into the United States.

The proclamation expired on March 31, leaving room for H-1B visa applicants to resume their process for entry into the United States. h1b visa law Los Angeles-based legal assistance is available to California businesses that wish to take advantage of this expiration.

What Did Trump Do?

The presidential proclamation was issued last year after the coronavirus impacted the world. The proclamation was intended to give Americans an opportunity at the jobs provided for in the H1B visa program. At the time, Trump said the order was to get Americans back to work.

That order was expected to end or expire at the end of 2020. Now it has expired, and President Biden is not expected to renew it at this time.

What Will President Biden Do?

President Biden during his campaign said that if elected he would revoke the suspension of the H1B visa program. With the expiration of the suspension, President Biden will no longer have to do that.

Seek Expert Advice

If you are an H1B visa hopeful, the State Department reports that applications that have not had their interview will have their applications prioritized. If you have been refused during the suspension, the government encourages you to reapply. If you are confused about what to do next, contact an immigration lawyer for help filing your application.

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