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Online Ordering Systems: How They Benefit Restaurants

By Jacob , in Food Technology , at March 21, 2023

With the rise of digital technology in recent years, it is no surprise that online ordering was popular in the restaurant industry even before Covid-19. Flash forward, many restaurants have wholeheartedly embraced online ordering systems – which were once looked at as a burden or bane – as they know it is here to stay.

Yes, online ordering systems are the future of the restaurant industry. Hence, it is wise for businesses to start investing and adapting to using an in-house online ordering POS system in their restaurant to keep up with the needs and demands of their customers and the constantly evolving industry.

From increased efficiency and revenue to better upselling opportunities and cost savings, the benefits of using online ordering software through your restaurant POS system are significantly more than those of third-party delivery aggregator apps.

In this article, we will explore seven advantages of implementing an online ordering system in your restaurant, especially one that is integrated with your POS system.

1. Enhanced customer experience

Nowadays, many customers value convenience and efficiency – everything must be on the go. With online ordering systems, customers can place orders anywhere, anytime. This enhances the customer experience and provides a more efficient and streamlined service.

Although this virtual exchange may leave restaurateurs feeling like they are losing out on real-life face-to-face interactions with their customers, you can still add personalised thank you messages or customised receipts to ensure your business’ particular brand of hospitality is still implemented via your online orders – especially when you integrate your online ordering system with your in-house POS system.

Ultimately, catering to your customer’s needs and expectations will increase their satisfaction and cement their loyalty towards your restaurant.

2. Boosted revenue

A quality online ordering system allows customers to browse menu options, place orders, and pay for their meals without leaving their homes or office easily and comfortably. With no line behind them or the pressure to wrap up their order during rush hours, customers will also be more inclined to explore all your menu options and spend more than they would when ordering in person.

Additionally, by offering this option through your restaurant POS system, you can expand your customer base beyond your business’s physical location – reaching more customers who prefer the convenience of online ordering. This can help you attract new customers that live further away and generate additional revenue.

3. Better upselling opportunities

As mentioned above, an online ordering system allows customers to take their time and properly browse through your restaurant menu. This provides you with the opportunity to suggest additional items or upgrades to customers who will actually have the time – and interest – to consider the extra items.

For example, when a customer adds a burger to their cart, the system could suggest adding fries or a drink to their order. This increases the likelihood of customers adding additional items to their order, unlike a face-to-face interaction where the suggestion may come off as hard selling and turn off the customer.

Similarly, online ordering systems can be used to promote specials and deals, encouraging customers to spend more.

4. Improved order accuracy

Human error in taking and processing orders is a common problem in the restaurant industry. This can lead to honest mistakes in orders which can be frustrating for the customer and the restaurant. However, with an in-house online ordering system, restaurants can reduce the risk of human error, leading to fewer mistakes and improved customer satisfaction.

This is because the ordering control is on the customer, not the restaurant staff. And since the orders are fixed and keyed into the system, there is minimal chance for mix-ups. The straightforward ordering system also enhances customers’ experience when they need to specify their dietary requirements or allergies, making it easy for kitchen staff to adjust ingredients based on the customers’ selection.

Accurate orders can help restaurants maintain customer loyalty and reputation, saving you significant money and stress in the long run.

5. Increased efficiency

One of the primary advantages of an online ordering system is that it enables restaurants to receive and process orders more efficiently. With an in-house online ordering system, customers can place orders directly through the restaurant’s website or app, eliminating the need for phone calls and reducing the risk of miscommunication.

Your staff do not need to spend much time on the phone or clarifying customers’ orders. Instead, they can carry out the necessary steps, such as cooking, packaging, and delivering, to ensure every meal is ready for your customers on time.

This not only saves time for restaurant staff but also makes the ordering process more convenient for customers. People want fast, immediate service that is worth their money, and you can provide that by implementing a quality online ordering system in your restaurant.

6. Free marketing

Most online ordering systems integrated with your restaurant POS system are customisable. You can make instant changes to your menu and design the site to fit your brand better – something you cannot do when utilising a third-party app.

This gives you better brand control and acts as a free marketing tool. Add attractive photos of your food, tweak the description to make them more interesting, and include a design that will make people instantly recognise your restaurant. People make their first choice of picking a restaurant based on how good a meal or the restaurant’s environment looks.

So, instead of investing in a separate marketing agency to enhance your restaurant’s presence in the market, you can boost your image by utilising the platform that your customers frequent – your in-house online ordering system.

7. Valuable customer data collection

Online ordering systems provide valuable data on customer behaviour, such as order history, preferences, and feedback. This data can be used to improve your restaurant’s menu offerings and marketing strategies.

In-house online ordering systems, unlike third-party apps, allow you to record customer data and order trends for every transaction. Without this information, you cannot identify your regular online customers, their favourite orders, and when they usually order from your restaurant.

For example, if a restaurant notices that a particular menu item is frequently ordered, they can consider featuring it more prominently or adding similar items to their menu. Likewise, if customers are leaving feedback about long wait times or incorrect orders, the restaurant can address these issues and make improvements to enhance the customer experience.

Integrate online food ordering system in your restaurant.

Undeniably, online ordering systems have become an essential tool for restaurants in today’s digital age. They offer numerous advantages over third-party apps. Hence, many restaurant owners have realised that investing a small amount of money every month in such technology will ensure they can cater to the changing demands of the tech-savvy generation.

By implementing an in-house online ordering system, restaurants can enhance the customer experience, attract new customers, and increase revenue while improving operational efficiency. Just make sure to get a proper set-up that integrates seamlessly with your restaurant POS system for maximum benefits!


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