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How to Access and Configure Your Router

By Cristiana , in Technology , at February 2, 2021 Tags:

Configure Your Router Like a Pro is the private IP address most used by all users who have fixed Internet access.

It is basically used to access and configure your router.

Technically, (for those who want more details), it is included in class C of IP addresses which allow the use of no less than 254 addresses.

In this article I will explain how to use this address to configure your router and your WiFi access.

I will also give you the solutions to the most frequent problems related to the IP or (depending on your own provider).

So let’s start by answering the question:

What is the address used for?

This IP address allows you to have administrator access to your router in order to manage your internet connection and WiFi settings.

Administrator access allows you to change all the options on your router.

Namely, security and network management options, LAN  parameters (Wired network), WLAN parameters  (Wifi), port management… etc.

In short, you understood it:

==> You can configure absolutely everything by being an Administrator on your network .

To access your modem as an administrator, here are the steps to follow:

  • you must enter the address  (or ) in the address bar of your browser (which is valid for almost all suppliers):
  • The router interface is instantly displayed:

Be careful not to write letters like “ i ” or “ l ” or even “ o ” and write “ 192.168.ii ” or “ 192.168.ll ” or even “ 192.168.oi ”. These are just numbers!

  • Now all you have to do is enter the username and password:


It is imperative to know that each provider uses a different router (in most cases).

So each router has a username (Login) and a password different from the others.

How To Access The Different Modems From Each Provider?

Each Internet Service Provider (ISP) imposes a specific username and password on each router.

These parameters are fully customizable via the security interface in Administrator mode .

What is the difference between address and address

The two addresses and are in fact two sides of the same coin.

They are used to initialize and configure a network comprising several machines including your modem.

However, some ISPs assign their Box the address which generates addresses of type and for devices belonging to the same network.

Boxes which have the default address assign the devices connected to their networks addresses of the type and

So, to make it simpler: The differences in IP addresses used essentially come from the default configuration assigned by the ISP to its various modems, a configuration which is completely customizable.

What you must remember is that to access your modem, in most cases you must use the address and in some cases the address

The Most Frequent Problems and Their Solutions 

How do I know the IP address of my modem?

You should know that there are a multitude of brands of modem, Box and routers used.

And each brand imposes its own initial values ​​including the main IP address.

To find this address, here is the method to follow:

  • Check that your modem is connected to your computer and that it is turned on.
  • Simultaneously press the “ Windows ” and “ R ” keys to display the execution window then enter the “CMD” command:
  • The command prompt is displayed. Enter the “ IPCONFIG ” command to display all the characteristics of your network:
  • The IP address of your modem is that of the “ Default Gateway ” like the one framed in red in the image above.


I do not have access to my modem even with the correct IP address!

If, even having entered the correct IP address, the administrator interface of the Modem does not appear, here is what to do:

  • First, try to reset your modem by restarting it.
  • Please note, this is by no means a “ Reset ” but rather a simple restart using the on / off button on your modem.
  • If the problem persists, change your browser and restart your computer last.
  • If these quick fixes do not work, you must reset your modem configuration which will erase all your settings.
  • You will therefore have to contact your supplier’s technical staff or reconfigure your modem on your own using the parameters provided in your initial contract.

Modem Username and Password Do Not Work

As I said before, each model has its own characteristics.

Above you will see a summary table of providers and standard passwords for each modem used.

Here is also a list of the most common usernames and passwords:

User Password 

 admin admin

 Admin Admin

 Admin admin

 root root

 Root Root

 Root root

 root Root

 root admin


Make the difference between lowercase and uppercase.

Conclusion is in fact the key to access all the parameters of your Box.

These parameters allow you in particular to change your different passwords, the name of your network (SSID).

You can also open any port you need, which is very useful for gaming online or for using all of your bandwidth

In short, you have understood it, there is no complete network without the address “”.



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