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What is important for promoting a YouTube channel

By Cristiana , in Digital Marketing , at June 21, 2022

YouTube channel promotion is a whole range of activities to optimize and promote the brand on video hosting and beyond. Today we will talk about what is important before you start promoting and how to promote your channel without having to constantly buy YouTube subscribers.

Channel promotion tips for beginners

It is advisable to run a channel on behalf of a person, and not on behalf of a company. This will cause more trust among users, as it will already be live communication.

Make a content plan. Correct, bring in new ideas, but always think over the materials in advance.

Create quality content. Videos must be in high resolution and with good sound so that the user can watch the video not only on a smartphone, but also on a TV.

Optimize your video for search queries — what users are looking for on your topic, what questions and problems they have. Help them find the answer in your materials.

A lot of YouTube searches start with the word “How” — use it in your titles and descriptions.

Channel theme

First of all, it should be interesting to you, so that over time the enthusiasm and desire to run the channel does not disappear. Look at popular bloggers or those who started in 2010. They make it easy to understand the dynamics of the development of experts, their interests and the direction they set for their channel and subscribers.

Choose a topic that you understand — hobbies, work moments or interests. It could be something you’ve just started doing or something you want to get better at. And already from the general topic, find ideas for future videos. If you shoot high-quality videos on attractive topics, then you won’t have to buy real YouTube subscribers to increase your audience.

What parameters affect getting into trends

There are a few key points that help videos get trending:

  1. Correct semantics.
  2. Quality video.
  3. The ability to interest the user in the first 10-15 seconds.
  4. Updating the channel with different content formats.
  5. The right choice of titles, descriptions and previews.


First you need to develop a strategy and formulate a goal — what exactly do you want to achieve from maintaining the channel. Will it be, for example, a commercial project with monetization, or are you pursuing charitable goals — without the obligatory benefit for yourself.

Answer a few questions:

What will your channel be about? Going to your page, a person should immediately understand where he got to and what information he can get.

Why will they watch it? Study competitors and find out how users are attracted. It should be clear to the audience why your channel is cooler than a hundred others on a similar topic. For example, why is your content about breeding aquarium fish better than that of a leading ichthyologist. It can be a more interesting presentation with beautiful photography or a simple explanation without professional terms.

Who is your channel for? Define your target audience. Create and study user profiles: what are their interests, pains, how do they cope with problems, and who do they consider their idol. This will help you to always give out relevant content, as well as communicate with people in the same language.

What is the criterion for you to achieve the goal? If you have a highly specialized channel about business, then 1000 targeted views will be enough to find customers or become an expert among users who will be invited by bloggers and companies. And if you have entertainment content, you already need millions of views and advertising integrations here in order to generate income on the site.



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