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Proven Tactics for Safe and Secure Online Event Ticket Selling

By Cristiana , in Digital Marketing , at August 16, 2022

In this article, we will talk about the best ways to sell tickets online in safe, secure, and legal ways. This includes everything from safe email sending to safe website payment systems and ticket security. After reading this article, you will be able to choose a trusted platform to safely buy and sell event tickets online. Read below to learn proven tactics for safe and secure online ticket selling.

Safe and secure digital event ticketing

The online event ticketing industry has exploded in recent years. Online event ticketing has become a major source of revenue for artists, promoters, venues, and clubs. The industry is growing, both in terms of users and revenue, as fans seek out new ways to buy event tickets.

One of the biggest issues with digital ticketing is the issue of safety and security. Here are a few tips to increase your event ticket safety with the help of event technology.

Unique Barcodes

The barcode is the most important element of a secure event ticketing system. The barcode is your ticket to life! The barcode is the most unique element of a secure event ticketing system and is responsible for making sure your ticket is valid for entry.

Ticket number

The ticket number allows to track and verify who attends the events. It can prevent fraudulent purchases, reduce refund requests, and enhance event security.

Order ID

Event ticket order IDs are printed on event tickets. They are numbers that identify a specific ticket at a specific location. This allows event ticket vendors to verify that a ticket is legitimate and ensure the safety of attendees by ensuring only registered attendees can enter the venue.

Secure payment

When it comes to selling tickets online for events, we need to have a secure payment method. Consider the below-mentioned points to ensure secure payment method.

PCI-compliance payment gateway

PCI compliance means that your company complies with industry standards for information security. It does this by following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The purpose of the PCI standard is to ensure that your company is able to protect customer credit card and debit card data while it is stored and processed on your web servers. The standard includes recommendations on how to implement security measures for your web servers, databases, network devices, and software.

Website Security

You will also need to protect your website against hackers. Hackers can try to do harm to your site. You can use a Firewall to protect your site against such threats.

Firewalls are basically filters used to block connections to websites. The goal of a firewall is to protect computer systems from attacks by unauthorized users. Firewalls work by blocking traffic that comes from outside your network while allowing traffic within your own network. They can prevent a user from accessing specific pages or sites. 

Safe Email Marketing

Your website needs a unique email campaign feature to encourage more sales. Your website needs a safe email through an integrated email campaign feature that allows customers to purchase tickets securely online. Email is a fast way to communicate with your customers, but it can be risky. A well-designed website is a secure place for customers to make purchases. Email can be dangerous if you don’t use a safe email feature to allow customers to make payments securely. This is why we recommend integrating your email campaign into your event ticketing website. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Data Security

With all the news about people having their data stolen, hacked, and misused, it’s time for companies to start thinking of how they can ensure data security. For the event ticketing industry, this should be at the top of the list. Your event ticketing site should ensure you that they do not share your data with anyone. 

There are many ways to protect your data, including the following:

– SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates


– Authentication

– Firewall

– Anti-Virus

Learn about security trends to future-proof your business.


When it comes to selling event tickets, one should not overlook security issues. Before choosing a website to sell event tickets, ensure you check all the safety issues described above.


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