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7 Ways to License Your Music for TV and Film

By Cristiana , in Entertainment , at February 15, 2022

If you’re a musician, one of your goals is to get your music placed in TV and film. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your music and can be very lucrative. Here are seven ways to license your music for TV and film.

1. Get an Agent

There are music reps out there specializing in music placement. Get yourself a music rep by either working with one of your music contacts or finding music reps on music sites like Sonicbids.

2. Look at Music Libraries as a Way to License Your Music

Good music libraries can help music buyers find the music they need. You can work with a music library to get your music placed or help you find work for your music. Some of the most recommended music libraries are members of the music supervisors’ organization, Film Music Network.

3. Working With Music Aggregators to Place Music

Music aggregators are music licensing companies that gather music from many music libraries and publishers, then match your music up with suitable music supervisors and music editors. They take a cut, but music placement is one area where you do have to spend money to make money. Music supervisors and editors can also recommend music aggregators they like working with.

4. Work Directly With Music Supervisors

Music supervisors listen to music for TV shows, then pick the music they want for their project. Some music supervisors have music libraries they work with to find music. Still, if you have music that you think may fit the music supervisor’s projects, then they may recommend your music to their superiors. Music sync licensing is an area where music composers have to spend money for music placement. Many music supervisors are more than willing to work with music composers on music licensing fees if they believe they have a good chance of getting your music placed in their music.

5. Work Directly With Music Editors for Film Projects

Music editors work with music supervisors to find music for TV shows. They also work with music editors to find music for films. Music editors take music submissions from music supervisors, who also recommend music libraries.

6. Music Networking Sites

You can use music networking sites like Sonicbids to get music placed in film and TV. For such sites, you not only have to pay for the music networking site, but music supervisors and music editors have to be willing to use sites like Sonicbids. You can also submit music directly to music supervisors and music editors.

7. YouTube for Music Licensing Opportunities

YouTube may not be a music supervisor’s first choice because they want music videos to showcase the music. However, music supervisors are looking for music they can license to music libraries. So, if you have music that works without a music video, then having your music on YouTube may be an excellent way to get music placed in TV and film.

Music composers have music licensing opportunities if they want to license their music. Finding music supervisors and libraries for music licensing is not always easy. However, some music libraries can help with music placement, and you work directly with music supervisors and editors.

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