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Your Complete Guide to Virtual Events

By Adam Clark , in Entertainment , at February 22, 2021 Tags:

Virtual events are no new, but they have surely become more popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With no geographical constraints and allowing perfect social distancing, live virtual events these days have become a norm for both big and small organizations and businesses trying to reach their target audience. If you are new to virtual events or simply wish enhancing your knowledge about these, our comprehensive guide below can help.

What are Virtual Events?

A virtual event is an organized meet-up that is held online and not at any physical location. The audience can be a part of it right from the confines of their homes or anywhere else in the world. Conferences, webinars and online classes are the forms of virtual events that we keep attending or participating in now and then.

Advantages of Virtual Events

Virtual events have become a compulsion in the Coronavirus times, but, otherwise, businesses and organizations have the freedom to choose between virtual and in-person events. Both the types let them create their brand value, build loyalty, boost revenue and simulate leads. However, virtual or live online events do have the following advantages over in-person events for both the organizers and attendees –


In-person events take place at some location, which attendees have to travel to. On the other hand, attendees from anywhere across the globe can participate in virtual events at their ease. As even those not willing to step out of their homes can join them, more people attend virtual events.

No Extra Expenses

Organizers have to spend a good deal of money on securing a big auditorium or any other desirable location for their event. Similarly, attendees incur additional expenses when they participate in an event taking place far away from their location. Both the organizers and attendees can save on extra expenses by going online to attend virtual events.

Saves Time

Time is also money, and virtual events end up saving a lot of time. You can attend these from anywhere without spending time on travelling. Just sit back, log-in and you are set to go.

How to Make Your Virtual Event Successful?

Making any event successful is of paramount importance for the organizer, and here we are with some helpful tips regarding the same. You can follow these for making your live virtual events a roaring success.

Have a Strategy

Whether you are about to plan an online or offline event of any size, you must have a game plan or strategy. For creating the same for your event, you first should find answers to questions like – what experience you wish to deliver to your audience, where do you wish to show the content, what would be the best time for your event, does it require registration, would it be gated or free, how would you like to promote it, etc.

Choose the Time and Date Cautiously

Before starting with anything else, you first should save the date and time. You have to be careful with the date and time selection, as you don’t have to let holidays and competing events interfere with the attendance of your live online events. Another important tip here is to consider the time zone if you wish to go global with your virtual event.

Promote Your Event

No matter how superior or big virtual event you are planning, it would not reach a larger audience if you fail to promote it well. So come up with an event promotion strategy focused on communicating the key selling points to the target audience. You can run ads online or share your event details through email or on social media.

Carefully Choose a Platform

You have to carefully and thoughtfully choose a platform to host your virtual event. You would be spoiled for choice but don’t forget paying close attention to your audience and the devices they use. This is because not all the platforms work well on mobiles, and some event hosting platforms are only good for hosting small informal events and not big corporate events.

Be Prepared for the Glitches

Just like in-person events, virtual events also have connectivity issues. To avoid or minimize them, you are supposed to do extra planning beforehand. You must check the internet connection before starting your online event, must check the speakers, and should do rehearsals if possible. Likewise, the attendees can also face a slew of connectivity problems for not all are tech-savvy. You should ensure preparing an easy to comprehend guide or FAQs for such people so that they can have seamless and rewarding participation.

We all miss face-to-face interactions of offline events, but still virtual events are becoming the next big thing. With some helpful tips, you can end up providing an informative, engaging and a convenient virtual event experience to your audience.


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