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Reclaiming You: Fun Excursions Without the Kids

By Cristiana , in Travel Entertainment , at May 16, 2021

Parenthood takes a toll. Whether you are beginning the journey or nearing the end, there are challenges to face. The days of doing what you want have mostly subsided. You get to enjoy the hugs and smiles, but you are also chauffeuring around town, dropping off at practices and activities. This may be draining your energy levels and increasing stress. While you can’t have every day around what you like, you deserve a chance to reenergize with friends or loved ones (without the little ones nagging). Here are three rejuvenating escapades that you don’t want to miss.

1. Hiking Along the Trail

Silence is hard to find in a home with children. Escape back into nature, soaking in the beauty and QUIET! Take a whole day to explore the trails. Bring along your partner or best friend (someone who gets you and also deserves a break). Spend the afternoon walking off frustration. Pack a picnic lunch, and bring along a good book.

2. A Winery Visit

Check out the local venues without worrying about chores and obligations. Consider something like winery tours Cape May NJ. The kids don’t want to check out the wineries. Travel along without worrying about driving. Spend the afternoon catching up with friends, and tasting some vino.

3. A Day at the Shore

When the family goes to the beach, parents are on constant watch. You are likely counting heads, handing out snacks and calming emotional outbursts. An adult trek to the beach is a chance to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Go for a walk, or collect shells. Spend leisure time together. You may even want to rent a bicycle or boat for the day.

When your energy tank starts to reach low, take some time for yourself. Breaks may be what you need to remain running on full.


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