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How to start Business in Salalah Free Zone

Situated nearby the Salalah Port and quite possibly the main modern center points in Dhofar,

Situated adjoining the Salalah Port and quite possibly the main modern centers in Dhofar, Salalah free zone is Oman’s second city that offers serious work and framework costs contrasted with different districts to pull in speculators in the substance and manufacturing, assembling, assembly and logistics areas. With more than US$3.5 billion of mechanical ventures, they have made a main light and weighty modern place with nearness to East-West exchange paths, just as to the light business sectors of the Indian Subcontinent, East Africa and the more extensive Middle East. Need business setup in Salalah Free Zone, then search for the best free zone service providers in Salalah.


Salalah Free Trade Zone has additionally made a financial community to interface speculators with the business visionaries to help them for setting up the organization or account their business needs.


Advantages of Setting Up a Company in Salalah

  • 100% repatriation of benefits and incomes
  • Annual duty exclusion accessible up to 30%
  • Full foreign possession is allowed
  • There is no base capital needed to set up an organization situated in this free zone and there are relaxed rates relevant to such organizations
  • No tax on close to home wages
  • Zero traditions obligations on imports and exports.


Types of Licenses in Salalah

Salalah free trade zone issues different kinds of licenses:


  • General Trading License

It is utilized for import, export, distribution, and storing of all the products according to the free zone rules and guidelines.

  • Exchanging License

It permits the holder to import, export, distribute, and store things determined on the permit.

  • Mechanical License

It permits the holder to import raw materials, complete the manufacturing of determined items, and fare the completed item to any country. This license is dependent upon clearances from the individual services.

  • Administration License

It permits the holder to complete the administrations determined in the permit, inside the Free Zone. The sort of administration should adjust to the parent organization’s license, given by the economic department or municipality of the important region.


How to form a company in Salalah Free Zone

The government has likewise presented a One-Stop-Shop (OSS) in the Salalah free zone. It involves online company registration which takes around 3 days, saving starting store in the bank, enrolling with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), and all the compulsory techniques which are done all the while making the OSS quick and efficient. The cycle to enlist your organization in Oman is as per the following:

  • Present the completely filled application structure with vital records
  • The next stage is to present the No Objection Letter
  • Perform the organization due diligence
  • Approve a plot choice
  • Pay the necessary charges
  • Acquire a permit from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI)
  • Acquire different grants from the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)
  • Get the registration certificate from the free zone authority of Salalah.


Documents that are required to Set Up a Business in Salalah

  • Brief summary/description of the business you will lead in the free zone
  • Application structure loaded up with all the individual and professional details
  • Passport copy of Owner/Manager
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Financial balance explanation of most recent a half year (if appropriate)
  • Arrangement letter for nearby review, and auditors’ acknowledgment of the equivalent


Note that all the records should be authorized and validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sultanate of Oman Embassy.


Facilities Available at the Salalah Free Zone

  • Office space is accessible on rent for the inhabitants
  • Business hatcheries are accessible at the central command and will help new companies to be operational and focus on development and advancement of the business
  • The overhauled land is accessible for long haul leases at serious rates to be utilized for the development of offices; too stockrooms of various sizes are accessible for lease
  • Streets are constantly being created and kept up to guarantee all plots in the free zone are offered the necessary availability


Business Setup Worldwide is a platform which helps to start your new business in Oman. Contact the best advisors in Oman who are well-versed with all the rules, regulations, and procedures for business setup in salalah free zone and shall make the process hassle-free, and who has considerable experience in the field and the will to ensure that you get your accreditation as quickly as possible.

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