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Top 5 best apps for managing your budget 2020

By Cristiana , in Business General Technology , at June 13, 2020

Doing work on your accounts is a particularly long and Tired job. Managing your budget is very important, but often Unconstrained. It is easily forgotten when it can save many people from going Finished before the end of the month. However, a well-controlled budget is a secret that allows you to better distribute your expenses and avoid difficult ends of the month. It also helps protect against possible debt. After the large physical filing cabinets for accounting, now move to accounts 3.0 with various mobile applications. To help you, here is a selection of the best applications to manage your budget.

What are the benefits of using an application to manage your budget?

Managing your budget on a daily basis is not always easy for both economists and Expenses. Certainly, there will always be unexpected events that fall on us at any time. Especially since doing your accounts every week as before becomes difficult with more and more busy schedules. But in recent years, thanks to technology, you can now use an application to manage your budget and make your life easier. Especially since it can bring a lot of benefits to its user. With this kind of technology, no more paperwork is taking over your wallet. You will no longer have to keep all your purchase invoices, as these will be directly saved in the application.

Top 5 Best Applications to Manage Your Budget
To avoid losses and follow your accounts properly, you have to bet on the best application for Managing your budget.

1. Linxo

Linxo is in the second ranking of the best applications for Managing your budget. Linxo Created in 2010, it currently offers several features. It offers a categorization of expenses by items such as rent or transport for example. It has an interactive graph and a prediction solution. The latter makes it possible to predict a possible overdraft 30 days before. More clearly, if there is a risk of overdraft, the application offers a Precaution transfer from one account to another. For this purpose, all income and expenses are taken into accounts such as salary, rent, and the like. However, to access a prediction tool, you must be a Premium member and pay 2.50 euros per month.

In addition, Linxo is armed with basic functionalities Stumbling from some interesting innovations. For example, it has a search tool aimed at finding checks, spending by bank cards, regardless of the amount and the means used. In addition, this app calculates the amount you can save per month to help you save. To this is added the possibility of classifying the different accounts by theme in order to better organize yourself. It is available in a free version, but the paid version provides access to additional features such as estimated budgets for example. However, the free version is just as complete. Like Bankin, it aspires to become a leading application in terms of account management.

2. Bankin

Bankin app

This app doesn’t just provide you with an overview of your transactions. Indeed, it automatically classifies expenses and allows you to view all your accounts in a second. And this, even from different establishments. Considered to be versatile and intuitive, Bankin is also compatible with tools such as PayPal or with your employee savings tools.

In addition, it is highly appreciated for its accessibility. Easy to use, it is easy to understand and you can configure your accounts in each category to save more money every month. Its dapper nuances make this application even more attractive unlike the repulsive interfaces of most banks. Admittedly, the graphics are very practical to quickly visualize where your expenses are.

Of course, Bankin is free and completely secure for Managing your budget . You only need to configure access with PIN code or fingerprint for Smartphones with a fingerprint reader. What to be Assured especially when it gives a breathtaking view of all our bank accounts. This application is among the most complete.



In partnership with more than 200 financial institutions, Budgea allows you to easily manage your budget, regardless of your bank. It provides a quick overview of your overall financial situation and categorizes all of your operations. And more, it was created with specially developed algorithms to predict expenses and warn if you have a risk of overdraft. This prediction tool lets you know the amount you have left at the end of the month at any time.

In addition, with Budgea, you can also add your invoices automatically to your financial transactions and import your data into an Excel file. For those who therefore seek in-depth management of their accounts, Budgea offers a particularly relevant and serious solution.

4. Home Budget Manager

Home Budget Manager
If you have a penchant for Windows Phone tile styles, Home Budget Manager is for you. Indeed, it has an interface allowing easy access to the desired options. It operates on a more or less manual scheme. With this application, you can enter all the necessary data, especially expenses and income. Thus, you will get detailed studies of your account. Home Budget Manager represents a complete tool for monitoring your expenses and income.

It should be noted that the free version of this application is the equivalent of a month of trial. If you want to use it for the long term, you need to access the paid version which amounts to 2.62 euros on Google Play. This is the only drawback of this application, however, it has an intuitive interface that is very easy to use for Managing your budget.

5. iSaveMoney

iSaveMoney App
The iSaveMoney application does not systematically categorize your cash outflows, however, it has a semi-automatic data entry function which is based on your previous income. Clearly, you keep control of the classification, but you can go faster anyway.

In addition, to manage your daily expenses with iSaveMoney, you can integrate recurring financial transactions that will allow you to Expected. In addition, you can access an unlimited number of budget templates. You can configure them for example for energy bills, for cars, clothes, etc.

Rather warm with its colorful interface, iSaveMoney offers enormous flexibility allowing anyone to manage their budget as they want. What is more, it is compatible with the export of data in CSV. You can then read it on your PC via a spreadsheet like Excel, Open Office Cals, etc.