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Why animation video an Essential Part of Marketing Strategy

By Adam Clark , in Business , at March 6, 2021 Tags: ,


Few inventions completely revolutionize the way we do things & live our lives. the animation video is one such invention though not man people think of it

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What makes an animation video stand out?

Explainer videos are a powerful tool for your marketing campaign. They are great for shining a spotlight on your product or service in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and cost-effective.

However, not all videos are equally impactful. Where an animated explainer video is done right can do wonders for your business, a poorly made video can put off your audience.

So what is it that makes a video impressive and what can you do to make yours stand out from the rest?

Key elements in an animation video

Below we’ve highlighted some of the key elements in an explainer video and how you can utilize each one to create a gripping video product.

  • Script

The script forms the framework on which the structure of your video will stand. A well-written script should include all the important information, identify a problem, explain how your product solves it, and why your solution is the best fit for the audience.

  • Length

Your video length will determine if the audience will watch till the end. Effective explainer videos are less than 3-minutes long. The shorter the video the more likely it is that the viewer will watch until the end. 1-2 minutes is considered the ideal length as after 2 minutes the viewership is known to drop.

  • Target audience

It is important to thoroughly research your target audience and then tailor your video to their needs and taste. No matter how good your animation is or how much effort you put into making it, it won’t be effective if it doesn’t address the right audience.

  • Voiceover

Having a good voiceover is essential for connecting with your audience. The voiceover can make or break your explainer video. If it’s unprofessional or the voice is flat it won’t attract your viewers and might even be distracting. A smooth and professional voiceover can pull the whole video together and take the viewer along on a journey that they actually enjoy.

  • CTA

Your animated explainer video will not be very useful if it leaves the audience confused at the end. Always make sure you tell them exactly what you want them to do. Buy your product, register for your service, or visit your website. A strong Call to Action (CTA) drives your message home.

  • Match brand and audience

When making an explainer video think about your brand values, your tone, your message and be sure to reflect that throughout the video. Keep the style and colors consistent with your brand image.

  • Quality

Explainer videos have gained popularity in recent years. In order to stand out from the rest focus on quality. Also, make sure the production quality is consistent throughout all your brand videos.

Why animation Video is the New King of Content

Unlike any other species in the animal kingdom, human beings have a remarkable capacity for communicating their ideas, sharing their thoughts, and telling stories. Throughout human history, we have used various methods for telling our stories from oral communication to writing. The digital revolution has radically changed the way we communicate now. Tweets of less than 140 characters have replaced lengthy diplomatic communication and video clips have taken over long-form content and print advertisements as the popular format for communication.  It seems almost impossible to imagine life before video!

Animation videos in the marketing industry

Video has taken over the marketing industry. Video content increased by 10.5% last year and 2020 is very likely to see a further increase especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. It is predicted that 50-80% of businesses will rely on digital visual content for their marketing programs in 2020 and 2021. 32% of businesses report video to be their most important content format. And these figures make sense when we look at how much video content we consume every day. Mobile devices have allowed video viewing to increase by 10 million minutes of daily viewing. That’s a lot of eyes on a lot of visuals! The trend seems to only be rising as the video is set to make up 82% of worldwide internet traffic according to Cisco.

The main reason behind this rapid rise in popularity of video content is that it essentially uses the human brain’s natural attention to visuals to its advantage. It’s true that human beings are visual animals. Our brains respond strongly to visual information and movement. The video combines words, images, sound, and movement to create a visually appealing medium of communication that’s easy to understand and remember. Scientific literature shows that we retain 10% of information through hearing but adding visuals makes the retention go up to 65%.

Importance of  Animation videos

The fact that video makes for the single most engaging form of content is reason enough to use it in your marketing strategy. In addition to being engaging, it does a great job of simplifying your business ideas into something that appeals to your audience. It can present your unique value proposition so the audience is actually excited about your offerings. The video uses a number of elements like music, interesting characters especially through animation, with the right colors and graphics, and not to mention the right wording to elicit an emotional response from the viewers. And it’s been proven that whatever stimulates a strong emotional response is more likely to be remembered.

Having said that it can be argued that it’s the right kind of content that makes a difference. In a world where digital media is saturated with all kinds of video content, you need the right approach to video marketing to stand out from all the noise. That’s where Madmation can help you. Take a look around our website to find the service that suits your need.

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