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How to Clean and Polish Appliances and Fixtures When Moving Out?

By Cristiana , in Home Improvement , at May 6, 2023

When you know you are about to move out of a rented living space, you just don’t have your heart in it.  This could be a severe issue while throwing the deep and thorough (as well as mandatory) end of tenancy cleaning.

As you might already be warned, this procedure should be detailed because the landlord’s final check will be detailed, too. Even if you have all your cleaning supplies and devote several days to the task, only one spot on the kitchen oven and your tenancy deposit will go directly into your landlord’s pocket.

Don’t let this happen, and pay extra attention while sanitising all electric appliances and fixtures. Here are great tips to rely on when you reach these dirty zones in the property.

First, Begin With Emptying The Fridge and Defrosting The Freezer

The fridge takes a lot of time to be set for the landlord’s inventory check. It might not be the dirtiest electric appliance at home, but according to your lease contract, you have the most considerable number of chores to perform here.

The thing is that your landlord expects you to prepare the fridge for the next tenants. This means that the appliance is supposed to be emptied from your food and de-frosted, as people tend to forget this domestic cleaning task regularly.

You can thoroughly disinfect the fridge, including all small cabinets, the freezer, and the in-built storage zones for eggs and ice cubes.

Cleaning Small Appliances is a Must, Too

We’ve mentioned the oven at the beginning of this article, but it’s not the only device to pay serious attention to. As a clause in your lease contract, cleaning appliances means cleaning ALL appliances.

Yes, we do mean all these small devices:

  • The coffeemaker. It needs some wiping and disinfection from the inside, too.
  • All kitchen helpers like the mixer, the chopper, the microwave, the toaster, the blender, the kettle, as well as the air fryer, and the citrus press need some deep sanitising. Please, read their manual instructions for cleaning and maintenance in advance.
  • All the other little electric devices at home. Wipe them out, and remove stains, bad odour, and dust if needed.

Deep Oven Cleaning and Dishwasher As Agenda Tasks

Deep oven cleaning is a chore you will have to spend at least half a day. We’re not joking. So, one way to unload your to-do list during a stressful event like relocating is to outsource help.

While speaking with many letting agents, we’ve been shocked to hear that many tenants lose their tenancy deposits because of the oven check. By the way, many tenants fail to put the dishwasher back into presentable condition.

If you insist on getting your money back and want to avoid any arguments, follow the next move-out cleaning tips on mandatory:

  • Full oven disinfection. Start with dismantling the device and soak the pieces in soapy water. When getting them out of the cleaning solution, check out for grime, and if needed, scrub it out with some clean cloth. Don’t forget to wash all the buttons, the grills, as well as the inside pot. The easiest and cheapest way to remove the remaining residue is by spraying a bit of white vinegar.
  • Dishwasher cleaning guide. You will face foul odour and soapy scum, as well as nasty hard water or greasy stains. These are too many to handle, aren’t they? We have a universal all-in-one method to eliminate them from your landlord’s sight. Simply run the dishwasher on empty several times and insert white vinegar or bleach during the first session.

Dusting and Cleaning the Light Fixtures Should Not Be Forgotten

How many times have you wiped out the lighting fixtures? Only when you see them dirty?

Well, they don’t have to be covered with face foundation spots or greasy stains from your kid’s sticky fingers to be wiped out. But it’s too late for us to teach you how important regular domestic cleaning is. It’s time for some end of tenancy cleaning action.

The good news is that dusting the light fixtures doesn’t take much time. Here’s the only problem with them: usually, they remain forgotten. Please, read this disinfection chore in your cleaning checklist.

Remember to Clean Dust and Debris Behind Large Appliances

Did you manage to clean all the electrical devices? Well, good for you! You are progressing exceptionally well!

However, what about the hidden zones behind them?

Don’t hope your landlord is too tired not to move the fridge to see how clean (or dirty) the zone behind it is. Instead, move all big appliances, then dust and get rid of the stuck, forgotten small pieces, crumbs, and other grim away.

Cleaning Bathroom Faucets and Metal Fixtures

There’s one more bunch of fixtures you should take care of during the end of tenancy cleaning routine. It’s the metal fixtures in the bathroom.

Add the faucets and the other little items in the sanitary premises (taps, fittings, towel rails, the cup where you put your toothbrushes, and you name it).

Some baking soda can do wonders with all of these bathroom items. Use it mixed with lukewarm water.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Do you know why about half of the people moving out now use professional end of tenancy cleaning services instead of relying on their efforts?

It’s primarily because of the oven. You might be sick and tired of listening about this particular electric device, but disinfecting perfectly is very tough.

You don’t have to see the oven full of grime, grease, and spots right now to afford hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

You’ve got all the logical reasons to do so. Such a service saves much time to invest in the removal process. And you might not believe it, but it saves money, too.

Final takeaways

In conclusion, we want to add that working from a checklist when moving out and checking out your lease contract before the cleaning process is essential. There might be specific requirements and guides about the disinfection of your landlord’s electric appliances.

The rest is up to you and your own personal endeavour to make the living space welcoming enough for the next tenants.


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