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Reasons to Buy a Total Home Protection Plan in 2021

By Adam Clark , in Home Improvement , at February 4, 2021 Tags: , , ,

Owning a home appliance (electronic) can be risky at times, especially with the warranty part. A lot of times, sellers provide a short warranty period, which then has to be covered in an extended cover. In case you are waiting for a better opportunity for a total home protection plan, this is a perfect time.

A total home protection plan will cover all home warranties. However, checking out the reviews of some of the best home warranty companies is very important. These reviews will guide a person to make the right choice for their homes.

Total appliance insurance will cover all the appliances’ safety and warranty cover. Anyone facing any issues with their home appliances can claim it in their total home protection plan.

How Do Home Warranties Work?

Home warranties are very similar to insurance policies, but for our home. Homeowners need to purchase the home warranty contract by paying a premium every month, in return for comprehensive coverage. They cover the repairing and replacement charges for appliances and home systems, all according to the contract.

In case of any such failure in the home system or its appliances, the insured homeowner can claim the promised amount. A total home protection service will send a technician to inspect or gauge the possible repair or replacement cost.

Pros and Cons of Home Warranties

Some benefits or pros of home warranties are:

  • Home insurance safeguards homeowners against unexpected repair bills of the home appliances.
  • Offering a home warranty to the home sellers will encourage their trust in the home warranty companies.
  • It assures the home expenses to the buyers in association with the normal usage.
  • Ownership transfer of the home warranty made easier from the seller to buyer in a direct way.
  • Some extra benefits that the home warranty offers are 24×7 services, along with a quick process for filing claims for repair.
  • Customized plans for each as every home is unique in its way. You can choose their plans according to their needs.

Some drawbacks or cons of home warranties are:

  • Home warranties don’t cover appliances and systems that are not under maintenance.
  • A long list of exclusions which include some repair of appliances or systems, which might not be included.
  • There is a limit to the benefits which the total home protection plan offers to the owners.
  • They will cover benefits up to a certain amount which will range from a certain denomination to a certain denomination.
  • Most of the home warranty companies need the owner to make use of their in-network contractors.
  • In case the owner doesn’t like the work of the technician, he has to pay extra money from his pocket for the extra work.

Different Types of Home Warranty

  1. Homeowners’ warranty: This warranty is generally the first preference of most house owners. It includes a warranty of the home by the monthly fees that the owner deposits to the insurer.
  2. Homebuyers’ warranty: It is a warranty suitable for people who purchase a new home. They will secure their new home appliances as they don’t want to pay charges of repair in their new place.
  3. Sellers’ home warranty: This warranty is suitable for homeowners who are planning to transfer the ownership of property. It leaves the seller at peace that the property won’t create any additional costs of repairs before closing the property.
  4. Rental property home warranty: Many landlords will be enjoying high benefits in a rental property home warranty. Just in case there are any repairs in that rental property,that will be under this warranty’s cover.
  5. New construction home warranty: A new construction home warranty includes coverage of wear-and-tear on systems. It offers protection to the quality of construction of the new construction.

Finishing Up

Investment in a home warranty helps you save money in case you fall into a difficult situation. Repair costs of home appliances can be really expensive and unaffordable at times. In such situations, a total home protection plan will rescue the person from these extra costs.

You must know about the pros and cons of home warranties before investing in them. Just in case, you plan to invest in these warranties in the upcoming year, it is a must to check various companies’ plans.


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