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How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

By Cristiana , in General , at March 28, 2023

Basketball is a popular sport with around 450 million players all over the world. While anyone can play the game, having the right gear sure helps. Apart from skills, your footwear can affect your performance on the court.

Designers create basketball shoes with performance, practicality, and comfort in mind. In addition, you can play with style without sacrificing functionality. A well-designed basketball shoe prevents slipping and protects you from injuries.

So, what should you look for when getting a new pair of sneakers? Read on to learn how to choose the best basketball shoes.

1. Size and Fit

Playing basketball involves a ton of extensive movements like running, jumping, or pivoting. Because of this, you need comfortable basketball shoes to execute your moves well. A comfortable pair of shoes should fit you like a glove.

Before you choose and buy your basketball shoes, measure your foot size. Avoid basing the measurement on your previous pair because foot sizes can change.

2. Quality

Quality footwear allows you to perform at your best. While any shoe can look stylish, not all provide the same quality. Here’s how to know if you’ve got your hands on a good pair of shoes.


A small slip is all that it takes to miss a crucial shot. Traction refers to the force that allows your shoes to grip the floor. Good traction keeps you agile and helps you make those quick stops and turns.

It is also what prevents you from falling and slipping. The right shoes for you may depend on the court you often play in.

If your basketball court has concrete flooring, use rubber-soled shoes. Waffle or herringbone patterns are best for asphalt floors.


Shoes have different parts that can influence your foot movement.
For instance, the insoles placed inside your shoes give arch support.

It promotes a healthy arch by providing balance and stability. When stepping, this part of the footwear distributes the pressure across your feet.

If you play for long hours, the arch support insoles reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues. It balances your body, reduces pain, and aligns your spine. It gives the best support by carrying your weight.


Apart from support, your basketball shoes must provide comfort. You can usually tell how comfortable a pair of shoes are by their width and cushion amount.

Wearing tight footwear can lead to foot problems. It creates pressure and friction when you move, causing pain in the long run. Before you buy basketball shoes, measure your foot width to get the right size.

Footwear cushioning is another factor affecting comfortability. This refers to the capacity of shoes to absorb impact force. However, you must choose footwear with the right amount of cushioning.

Excessive softness can prevent you from making those quick turns and stops. Instead of acting like a spring, the cushion turns it into a shock absorber.

3. Features

All types of shoes feature an upper, midsole, and outsole. Although there are other parts, these three carry the most vital qualities of quality basketball shoes.

The Upper

From your heel to your toes, the upper section covers your entire foot. Its function is to protect your foot from elements, such as spills, dirt, and weather. Moreover, the upper section gives warmth and comfort.

However, consider the height you want for footwear for the upper section. It determines the number of materials and quality the shoes carry. Depending on your need and style, you can choose from high, mid, or low heights.

A high height features an upper wrapping around your ankle. It provides an extra layer of support and stability to your foot. However, this height often comes with more weight.

If you need more flexibility, mid-height basketball shoes are the best option. The upper material rests at the ankle, giving coverage without featuring an enclosed design. It also gives you enough ankle support.

Low-height footwear can boost your speed and agility. Its downside is it gives the least amount of ankle support.

The Midsole

The midsole carries the cushion. It reduces the impact force your feet receive when they contact the ground. Most midsoles consist of different foams.

To improve jump and sprint, look for basketball shoes with EVA or compressed EVA foams. This kind of cushioning makes the footwear light. If you want a light and high-performance pair of basketball shoes, get Air Jordan 11s.

If you’re looking for more dense and durable basketball shoes, choose one with polyurethane midsoles.

However, different footwear brands developed their cushioning technology for their midsole. Often, they used it on the heel and forefoot. It provides extra cushioning to endure more stress when in the game.

The Outsole

The outsole is the third and last section of a shoe. In this part, you can determine the footwear’s traction. Often, designers make it using rubber or other synthetic material.

When looking for good traction, buy basketball shoes with flat and wide outsole. For extra grip, this part must feature a hexagonal or multi-directional pattern. Apart from this, consider where you play basketball.

Most designers create basketball shoes for indoor games. If you often play outdoors, look for a thick and durable outsole.

4. Playing Position

What position do you hold in your basketball team? When it comes to choosing the best basketball shoes, the role you play matters. Basketball teams consist of a center, small forward, power forward, point guard, and shooting guard.

If you play forward, the extra weight on high-top shoes can provide the strength and support you need. Using low-top footwear boosts your speed if you are the point guard. For all-rounders, the mid-top shoes provide ankle support with enough room to move around.

Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

Your basketball shoes play a vital role in your performance on the court. Playing with the wrong footwear can affect your performance and cause injury. To achieve peak performance, choose the best basketball shoes for you.

Consider the fit, quality, features, and playing position. All contribute to creating well-designed footwear, enhancing your game, and boosting your confidence.

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