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Diana marin hija de jose trinidad marin

By Cristiana , in General , at February 16, 2022

A lot of people have a hard time believing that the late jenni rivera’s father is Mexican. Her first husband, Jose Trinidad Maur, was born in Mexico but moved to the United States when she was still young. Her parents separated and she later became pregnant with their first child. The couple divorced and he abandoned the children. His daughter Jenni remained in California after the marriage.

The rumors about his affair with his daughter prompted the actress to publicly deny the allegation. However, the oldest daughter of Jenni rivera, chiquis rivera, shared a video on her facebook page in which she revealed that her father had called her on her wedding day. “I’m sorry,” said Chiquis. She added that Trino had invited his daughters to a party to celebrate their marriage.

In the video, the actress described the moment she got a call from her father. Trino MAR denied the allegations of sexual abuse against his daughter. She said she was happy that he had invited the kids, but she had to explain what happened. This made her even more angry, and she apologized to the father for having neglected her. Her parents never talked to her about the affair.

She shared another video with the media on her youtube channel revealing her emotional phone call from her father. In the video, she revealed that the call was from Trino – the first husband of Jenni rivera. During the Facebook live, she and her daughters attended the ceremony. Her mother and her two daughters even joined her on the call, which was livestreamed.

The video showed her dad’s emotional phone call to her daughter on her wedding day. Her father was a famous TV personality in the Philippines and was the first husband of Jenni rivera. The two of them had two children together. The actress has denied a love affair with the alleged lover of her first husband. While her father had an affair with Jenni, the former songwriter’s daughter revealed her father’s alleged sexual abuse in a Facebook live.

Despite rumors of a love affair between a celebrity and their former spouse, the two were still very close and their relationship was strained by the affair. She had two daughters with Trino and he had an affair with rosie marin. She is the second daughter of her mother, jenni marin. While the rumor of her relationship with Joss Maura sparked many rumors, she has denied the accusation.

The accusations of a teen girl’s sexual abuse by her first husband were made after she publicly confessed to her father that she was having an affair with her ex-husband. Despite this, her father has denied the allegations. Although this is a scandal that is causing ripples in the country, he did not deny his wife’s involvement with his ex-wife.

Moreover, the allegations against Trino’s son, Joss marin, and the alleged affair with her daughter allegedly took place. It was reported in the press that the father and the daughter cheated on each other in order to make him a better man. But this is not true. Despite the accusations of their relationship, their mother was not able to deny the affair, and the two remained together for a few years. The first two of them even had a baby.

In the meantime, diana lacked confidence in her father. She denied having an affair with her ex-husband. In spite of the allegations, she did not deny the allegations against her father. The two have reconciled after the scandals in the late 1960s. If you’re not interested in a relationship with your ex-husband, why not take a look at the videos posted online by chiquis marin?

Despite the rumors of the relationship, the fact is that the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera’s sister is still in prison. She was convicted in 1993 of sexually abusing both her sister and her daughter. Fortunately, her daughters were able to tell their mother and father that their father was not guilty of the abuse. She also shared a video of the phone call on her youtube channel.


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