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4 Considerations When Picking Out a Satellite Phone

By Cristiana , in General , at May 16, 2021

The global satellite market continues to grow. According to a recent report, the revenue of satellite phone sales is expected to reach more than $5.2 million through 2027.

There are many reasons why today’s consumers purchase satellite phones. Not only can these devices offer wider coverage than regular mobile devices, but they can also help family members stay connected during a disaster or emergency event and help individuals traveling off-the-beaten-path keep in touch.

If you are looking to purchase a sat phone for you or your family, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a monthly or prepaid sat phone plan

If you are going to be off-the-grid for an extended period of time, monthly service will ensure that you have continuous service. However, if you only have your phone for potential emergencies or only need it for a short period of time, a prepaid plan could help you save money.

2. Consider coverage area

Not all satellite phones have the same coverage areas. For example, some sat phone will work better the closer you are to the equator, while others work better when you are in mountainous terrain.

3. Decide whether to rent or buy your phone

If you are going to need your satellite phone, you will probably need to go ahead and purchase your phone. But, if you only use the satellite phone less than once a year, a rental phone may make the most sense for you.

4. Pick out some accessories

Some of the accessories worth considering include an extra battery and a sat phone docking station with an extra antenna.

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