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How to Buy a Customized Engagement Ring: A Seven-step Guide

By Cristiana , in Fashion Lifestyle , at May 27, 2022

The primary goal of a custom ring is to reflect your partner’s personality in the ring. To say it the other way, creating your customized engagement ring is an excellent way to demonstrate your love for your fiancé-to-be. It gives you significantly more control over the center stone and the ring setting, as you will be able to choose these items independently rather than selecting a pre-made ring.

Customization is a special process and unique experience that reveals how your one-of-a-kind engagement ring begins with a hand-drawn sketch. Each element is carefully considered, engineered, hand-selected, and cast exclusively for your ring to create a masterpiece that will hold your love story for years and years to cherish. 

But despite all this, it isn’t easy to begin the customization process. We have made a 7-step guide to buying a customized engagement ring online.

He asked and I said yes.

Quick steps to buy a customized engagement ring

Here are the quick steps if you are in a hurry:

  1. Select a trustworthy jeweler at first for a guaranteed quality of the final engagement ring.
  2. Start in time, leave enough time for the whole process
  3. Make yourself a budget and consider a most cost-efficient combination
  4. Start your search for diamonds that you think are the best
  5. Measure the correct ring size on your own or by a local jeweler
  6. Decide the most suitable ring style and the design
  7. At last, start creating your one-of-a-kind dream engagement ring.

7-Step Guide to Buying a Customized Engagement Ring

1. Select a trustworthy jeweler

This is the most critical factor when buying a customized engagement ring. Because the quality of the engagement ring and the customization experience largely depend on whether you choose the right jeweler. It is important to choose your jeweler wisely. 

The jeweler you choose should have the ability to help inspire you and assist you from the beginning to the end. Like the choice of center stone, the material for the ring, the most suitable ring style, and the final design of the engagement ring. Also, the jeweler should be knowledgeable and professional, and most importantly, with excellent craftsmanship to make the best quality engagement rings.

2. Start the process in time

Specifically, you need to start with the process as quickly as possible for making a customized engagement ring. It can go somewhere between a few weeks to several months before your day. You never know what will happen next; you must be prepared for everything. 

It may take a few weeks to work together with the designer before you determine the ideal design for your engagement ring, and it takes even longer to craft a stunning piece. As the global pandemic is still affecting the supply chain in every industry, you need to leave enough time for the jeweler to source all the materials required and craft carefully your unique engagement ring. Even minor details can take days and days, and accidents can cause delays. You can make a perfect piece with all your passion, just for plenty of time.

3. Make a financial plan

This is a critical step that frequently goes unnoticed. Without setting a budget, the amount of money you spend can easily exceed your mindset price point for an engagement ring. It is irrelevant how much you pay for an engagement ring, as the price does not always correlate with its beauty. Even if an engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry that you may only have once in a lifetime, there is no reason to spend too much on unworthy expenses.

Establishing a budget enables you to focus on what you want and allows your jeweler to assist you in sourcing items that fit within your budget. You can create an extraordinary piece by staying within your budget. For example, for your center stone, you can use a lab-grown diamond which is a real diamond and as beautiful as a naturally mined diamond but much more cost-efficient. All it needs is to do research and the time you put in the comparison.


3. Make a financial plan

It’s not about the diamond rings. It’s about the commitment to the other person that begins with the proposal.

4. Diamond hunting

Widely known as the symbol of forever love, diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, and there are no signs that this trend will change soon. Over 80% of couples opt for a diamond engagement ring. It is also the best option we recommend as a diamond engagement ring is also very durable and never out of style.

Fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds

Many modern couples are trying to add a personal touch while choosing the center diamond to create engagement rings that stand out more. Fancy-colored diamonds are typical choices to make your engagement ring more unique. Natural diamonds with fancy colors can be costly, so fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds are your best choice. From pink, red, and yellow to green, blue, or even black lab-grown diamonds, you can find any diamond color by spending only a fraction of the price for an equivalent fancy colored mined diamond.

Unique and tailor-made diamond from hair

To make the diamond unique and one-of-a-kind, you can even opt for creating a lab-grown diamond of your own: a diamond made from your hair! American company Sunny Eden™ is providing this special service. They can create a man-made diamond that is completely yours by extracting carbon from your hair and turning it into a stunning real diamond. They can also grow diamonds from the hair of a couple, creating a diamond that symbolizes the crystallization of forever love and unbreakable promise. All the lab-grown diamonds made out of hair are GIA certified and are customizable into various carat sizes, shapes, and colors you prefer.

Diamond cuts and shapes

Choosing the most suitable diamond cut is also an important part of the customization process of the engagement ring. Choose an Excellent or Ideal cut to ensure the most brilliance and fire of your diamond. There are many different diamond shapes to choose from. Besides the classic brilliant cut, other popular cuts such as cushion cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and oval cut, there are also more unusual cuts like rectangular or baguette-cut or flashing marquise cut. There will always be a perfect cut that can suit your preference, style, and lifestyle at the same time.

5. Choose a right size

Before you start purchasing a custom engagement ring, you need to figure out the correct ring size that fits the best. A suitable ring size should allow the engagement ring to sit tight enough on your finger so it won’t drop inadvertently, but not too tight to let you feel uncomfortable. You can always go to the local jewelry store to know the exact ring size or even measure the finger size yourself at home.

There are three common ways to measure the ring size right at home. The first method involves using a piece of string or floss. Wrap it around the ring finger, and mark the overlap point of the string with a pen. Then, a ring size chart should tell you what ring size that measurement correlates to. If you or your partner already have a ring that fits, you can simply place that ring on a chart to find the perfect size. Lastly, you can always buy your ring sizer. If you don’t know where to get all these tools, jewelers like Sunny Eden™ provide you with the ring measurement tool in the welcome kit to help you easily get to know the exact ring size.

If none of the standard ring sizes in the chart can perfectly fit the finger diameter, keep in mind that it is always better to choose a slightly larger size than to buy an engagement ring that appears to be too small. 

6. Consider a variety of styles

This is the most creative step to do, as it largely determines what the final design of your customized diamond engagement ring will look like. There are so many things to consider and so many different types of ring settings to choose from. 

The diamond setting

It would help decide how the diamond is held in the ring and choose from the diamond settings such as prong, bezel, tension, and flush/gypsy. Even the side stones or melee accent diamonds have different settings such as pavé, channel, and bar settings. Both the aesthetic beauty and the security of the diamond should be taken into consideration.

The ring setting

You also need to arrange how the diamond should be present on the ring, which is an extremely important aspect of the engagement ring setting. The most popular setting arrangements are solitaire, halo, three-stone, two-stone, and cluster. Each type has different advantages and you can choose according to your or your partner’s preference and style.

The ring shank

The first thing to consider concerning the ring shank is the material to use. Platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are the most common but best choices to craft a beautiful engagement ring. Also, depending on your’s or your loved one’s taste, you can add more detailed and intricate embellishment on the shank to make the engagement ring more special.

For example,  some decorative filigree, tiny milgrain, elegant engraved elements, and extra shiny melee diamonds.

The ring style

Before you start to design your customized diamond engagement ring, you need to search for and compare many different ring styles to help you understand which is the most suitable style for you or your partner. 

The choice of the ring style largely depends on the personality and preference. If you or your partner is a traditional person, opt for a timeless classic engagement ring that is never out of style. If you want a beautifully detailed ring that will surely stand out from the crowd, an antique or vintage diamond engagement ring may be exactly the style you what. If you are looking for something stylish, a modern-style ring is always the right choice for minimalists.

Not limited by the style, there are also different ring structures that you may consider. Each adds a special touch to your custom diamond engagement ring, from the cathedral setting with structural beauty to the whimsical bypass shank, unique split shank, and elegant twist shank. You can choose a style inspired by your or your partner’s dressing sense and put some of your creativity into it to build a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring that stands out and reflect a unique personality.

7. Create your ring

Now, the last step comes to giving life to this process. After choosing the trustworthy jeweler, the ideal center diamond, and having a basic idea of the style of your dream engagement ring, you can go for it, place your order and work together with the designer to start the sketch. Jewelers who provide the engagement ring customization service like Sunny Eden™ will guide you through the whole process. 

A professional jeweler will tell you which of your customization ideas is feasible or not realistic for an engagement ring, and they will try their best to create the custom ring as close to your dream engagement ring as possible within the limited budget. What’s more, if you provide the image of a designed piece, jewelers like Sunny Eden™ can even recreate this engagement ring you love but didn’t purchase because of the limitation of budget.

7. Create Your Ring

Give her what she is waiting for… A symbol of forever.

Purchasing an engagement ring can sometimes be frustrating and overwhelming as you need to consider so many different elements and choose from all the options on the market. You may like a specific element of a certain ring, but it is almost impossible to find a pre-crafted engagement ring that exactly fits all your criteria. That’s why creating a customized engagement ring is the best option. It also reduces the stress associated with choosing a ring, and you can involve your loved one in the process and special experience of creating a unique ring. Your custom ring will be a shining memento of your love and connection for years.



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