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6 Common Necklace Shopping Errors and How to Avoid Them

By Cristiana , in Fashion , at February 16, 2023

Did you know that in 2021, the size of the world’s jewelry market was worth USD 249.02 billion?

Jewelry is an investment, so it’s essential to make sure you’re treating yourself right. One wrong choice, and you’ll be stuck with an unwanted piece.

However, shopping for the right piece is easier said than done. We often make small mistakes that lead to significant problems. Are you making any of these common necklace shopping errors?

1. Identifying Counterfeit Necklaces

Buying imitation items can be very costly in terms of quality and value. Additionally, it is illegal to sell fake jewelry. To prevent this from occurring, shoppers should always research the jeweler to ensure its legitimacy. For example, look for a certificate of authenticity and consider reading online reviews.

Beware of meager prices, as this may indicate that the necklace is not genuine. Lastly, shoppers should look for known designer brands.

2. Not Exploring Diverse Styles

Consumers need to take the time to research and explore their buyers’. This means researching metals, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Buying a necklace without exploring other options can lead to buyers’ regret or feeling dissatisfied after completing their purchase.

Looking at more formal and casual styles can ensure that the chain is appropriate for any situation and will go with multiple outfits. Additionally, exploring necklaces of different price points allows shoppers to find items that will fit within their budget. If you are looking for a chain that has a unique style, check out this Viking necklace linked here.

3. Overlooking Metal Quality

Metal type and quality can drastically affect a necklace’s cost, look, and lifespan. Cheap metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass are lightweight and inexpensive, but they also tarnish and wear quickly. Quality materials like sterling silver and gold are more expensive and sometimes hypoallergenic.

Knowing the metal type and quality can avoid a costly mistake and help you purchase a necklace that will last for many years to come. It’s essential to be mindful of what you’re purchasing. Many chains are made of generic, low-cost materials that can quickly fade.

4. Selecting Insufficient Lengths

If the necklace is too small or too high, it could impede the style of the final outfit and detract from the look. To avoid selecting an insufficient length, it is essential to have a basic understanding of necklace maintenance. Ensure the necklace is close enough to the neck to look good but not so near that it chokes the wearer.

5. Ignoring Brand Reputations

When buying necklaces online, it’s essential to research various brands before purchasing to get a good sense of their product and if their reputation is sterling. It’s easy to be tempted by a low price tag or a seemingly amazing deal, but cheap necklaces are often made from inferior materials that break quickly.

6. Mistaking Disreputable Vendors

It is essential to research the company or individual selling the necklace, as the quality of the jewelry might be compromised. Look up reviews online and read customer feedback to determine if the vendor is reputable before making a purchase. Additionally, look for certification paperwork if the necklace is labeled as being made with certain types of metals.

Avoid Common Necklace Shopping Errors

It’s essential to avoid common necklace shopping errors so that you are happy with your purchase and enjoy wearing the necklace for years to come. Follow these helpful tips to purchase the perfect necklace successfully.

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