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Tourism in India and the Top 10 places for tourism

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Tourism in India in pictures and getting to know the most beautiful tourist places in it, such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Kochi, and Varanasi, with pictures that you should not miss.

Are you looking for a suitable tourist destination in summer and winter? And you want to travel and have fun for all family members at the lowest possible cost? You will not find a better place than India that suits your tourism needs, as it includes beautiful landscapes, palaces, and legendary castles, in addition to parks, and shopping centers with competitive prices, and it is one of the cheapest destinations for tourism and travel around the world, and has tourist offers suitable for all budgets, with a diversity of climatic and civilization And a wondrous culture that tells the story of India, which is peppered with myths, legends and “Indian films” that we love.

India, that ancient country with history, culture, and civilization, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, as the natural places vary according to the breadth of its area, which occupies the seventh place as one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area.

India attracts tourists from all over the world for its richness in historical monuments such as palaces, archaeological castles, and museums, as well as places of entertainment such as parks, and various shopping places. Indian cuisine has another story as it is world-famous for its taste and flavors.

Before traveling to India

Obtaining a travel visa to India is a simple matter by reviewing the Indian embassy in your country with the necessary papers. A tourist visa allows you to enter India for a maximum period of 3 months.

The cost of tourism in India is cheap, as it is considered one of the cheapest destinations in the world, where the tourism offers vary, to suit all levels from those with a limited budget to those seeking luxury, and it is also famous for its competitive and diversified markets.

As for the language spoken in India, it is the official Hindi language in addition to the English language, along with several other languages that differ in different Indian regions and states.

India is a diverse country, and you will find high-end areas and great luxury in addition to places dominated by poverty and noise, so be it in your mind, dear tourist, and be sure to plan your trip well before traveling to India to avoid going through places you do not want.

What are the best times to travel to India?

Tourism in India: The best time to travel to India depends on choosing the region you want to visit. If you want to visit the northeastern regions of India, such as Kashmir, you should travel between April and September, as the weather is better.

Late May until October is a suitable period to visit Mumbai and the northwest regions. As for the southern regions such as Kerala state, it is best to visit it between January and March.

Generally, the period between November and February is the best for most travelers who prefer to travel to India during the cold and dry season, which is between November and March. The cities of Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, and Rajasthan are suitable at this time while temperatures in Goa and central India remain favorable as well.

Why is tourism in India a distinguished tourist destination?

If you are looking for a distinctive tourist destination to spend a special holiday with your family and have not made the decision yet, we suggest you visit India and visit the most wonderful tourist places with a charming Indian character that is worth visiting.

There are many of the most popular tourist destinations in India, which attract tourists from all over the world, allowing enjoying the beauty of the stunning landscapes and the cultural richness of these distinctive tourist places.

Learn about the most famous and beautiful 10 tourist areas that deserve to be on the list of your next visits to India

1_ Tourism in Kerala

Kerala has a picturesque nature that combines dense forests, lush trees, hills covered with greenery, and clean rivers running along with unique and diverse wildlife. Which makes Kerala a unique destination for every tourist looking for beauty, tranquility, tranquility, and recreation that is not without some adventure and madness. So do not forget to include it on your list that It is considered as the most important tourism site in India.

The most important tourist places in Kerala: –

Munnar Hill

One of the tourist areas in India that have a wonderful view between the famous Indian tea and spice plantations and the most wonderful view of the waterfalls, lakes, and mountain slopes that excite tours

Tata Tea Museum: –

Indian tea with aroma, flavor, and distinct ingredients is one of the most defining things of Indian cuisine, so if your curiosity drives you to learn more about the history and manufacture of Indian tea just visit the Tata TV Museum in Kerala.

Lake Kundala

One of the best tourist places in India for lovers of boat tours and fishing amid recreation and the quiet, pure and clear nature provided by the lake water

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

Tourism in India: where a journey filled with adventure and madness amidst the most beautiful animals and wild birds that India is famous for in close-up watching and exciting photographic shots of the curiosity of lovers of photography, so do you have enough insanity and emotional stability to lead an experience like that?

Therunakara Mahadeva Temple

After a delicious dose of the picturesque and distinctive nature of Kerala, is it not time to receive an intense dose of its ancient history by visiting the Hindu temple of Therunakaramahadeva, to which hundreds of tourists from different religions and regions come. The strangest of all is the complete canonization of dogs in this place.

2_ Tourism in Agra

The most famous tourist attraction in India

India; is the mausoleum of the Taj Mahal, which is well known, which is located in the city of Agra, which has ancient buildings and ancient monuments, such as the “Agra Alhambra” castle, one of the distinctive architectural monuments in the city. A corner and corner of the fictional Taj Mahal!

 3_ Tourism in Hyderabad

The “Charminar” mosque, with its four towering minarets, is one of the most important religious symbols and monuments in the jewel of South India, Hyderabad. This city has reserved for itself a prominent place at the local and international level, as it includes a number of the oldest and most famous scientific universities, in addition to the various gardens, palaces, and buildings that Predominantly Islamic architecture, it is ideal for family holidays.

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4_ Tourism in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most important tourist areas in India, where the nightlife and the hustle and bustle and the madness of fun and entertainment at night in the city that does not rest or sleep, however, the tourism trip in Bombay will not pass like this without a heavy dose of its ancient historical attractions.

The most important tourist places in Mumbai

Flora fountain

Is it surprising to see a Roman goddess in India, isn’t it? Perhaps when you planned your trip, you put in mind that you will find hundreds of temples, Hindu and Buddhist machine statues, and some ancient mosques with majestic construction, but this is Mumbai, the most beautiful city in India, the city of difference, you can see the monument to the Roman goddess Flora and the water flowing from it from every direction on your way to the center The main shopping in the city center

Elephanta Island

It is an island 10 km east of Mumbai, which is about an hour by sea ferry and includes rock carvings dating back to the fifth century AD. About 6 meters away.

Chowpatty Beach

Tourism in India: If your goal of tourism in India is to attend and participate in Indian festivals and distinctive dances and take some special souvenir photos, then Chowpatty is an ideal spot for that, where various water sports and fun-filled dance celebrations throughout the year.

5_ Tourism in Kashmir
Tourism in Kashmir

Tourism in India is not called tourism without being punctuated by the name of Kashmir, as tourism in Kashmir is characterized by diversity and satisfying all desires and tastes, on the one hand, you find religious shrines that not only attract their holy people, but also attract tourists from everywhere in the world to see its magnificent and luxurious architectural designs, and on the other hand. You will find picturesque water and mountain nature surrounded by green everywhere.

The most important tourist places in Kashmir


One of the most beautiful cities in India that attracts lovers of traditional quiet rural life, as boat trips in the Jhelum River, capturing the most beautiful photographs of stunning landscapes, gardens, palaces, and mosques dating back to the period of Mughal rule.

Do not miss the Tulip Festival during April, where you can enjoy a view of millions of colorful flowers opening as a painting that Indians receive with their famous folkloric songs and dances with the sale of handicrafts and delicious Indian food within the celebration.

Amarnath Cave

One of the most sacred religious shrines in India dating back to the third century BC, Amarnath Cave is distinguished by its great depth that exceeds 12 thousand feet in the heart of the snowy mountains of Kashmir, making it a great masterpiece that tourists come from everywhere in the world to be dazzled by their vision.

Mansabal lake

An ideal destination for you as a tourist looking for the most beautiful landscapes in India that can be picked up by his camera, where the lotus flowers that grow around the lake in a wonderful appearance and water birds as they land on the lake’s surface to eat their food in safety before flying back in the sky, along with seeing ancient sculptures returning For the time of the Mongols, and the other religious follow the Buddhists.

Barry Mahal

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in India, where you can enjoy the magnificent greenery that occupies the seven terraces built on mountain peaks during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

6_ Tourism in Goa

One of the most important tourist destinations in India with its charming beachy nature, where you can enjoy renting a small cottage on the seashore where the simplicity, recreation, and tranquility that nature provides you in Goa. Always where to stay in Goa question always remain in the mind,but not now. Because if you like the spirit of madness, adventure, and refreshment, do not worry. So you can enjoy a nightlife full of hustle and bustle. It is similar anywhere in India as well as being a hub for many water sports.

The most important tourist places in Goa

Dudsagar Falls

Tourism in India in pictures: Where you can enjoy visiting one of the highest waterfalls in India, where the water rushes from between the mountains covered with greenery at a height of 1017 feet and looks like clear white milk, it is the best in the autumn season, where the monsoon rains fall on the top of the mountains and from there to the waterfalls.

The Andaman Islands “a beach paradise”

One of the best tourist places in India, where beach tourism and exciting water sports such as surfing and diving between the most beautiful views of coral reefs, colorful fish, and various marine creatures.

Les Ladakh:

Tourism in India in pictures: Where you can enjoy among the most beautiful landscapes in India during your overnight camping trip between the mountains and under the sky with its sparkling stars like candlelight, and in the morning you can ride four-wheel-drive bikes and enjoy the distinctive desert safari experience.

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7_ Tourism in New Delhi

Since it is the capital of India, it was natural to be full of dozens of diverse archaeological sites and shrines that are eye-catching, which combine the nobility of the state and its capital since the Mughal era and modernity today.

As the second capital of the ancient Mughals after Agra, New Delhi witnesses dozens of distinctive Islamic shrines, shrines, and temples, markets, museums, and wonderful wildlife.

Certainly, tourism in India without visiting the monuments of the capital will lose much of its flavor.

The most important tourist places in New Delhi

Jama Masjid

Tourism in India in Pictures: One of the oldest mosques in the ancient capital of India, Delhi, it dates back to the 17th century. It is one of the religious places that enjoy a high degree of spirituality and sacredness among Indian Muslims and is the largest mosque in India with an area that can accommodate 25,000 worshipers.

India Gate

It is a huge sandstone monument built-in memory of the victims of the First World War from the Indian soldiers, located in the city center at a height of 42 meters and surrounded by wide green areas, and it is one of the most beautiful and crowded flags in the capital of India and the most places where you can mix with the indigenous people of the city.

Chandni Chowk Market, Sarojini Market

One of the oldest wholesale markets in the ancient capital of India, thanks to its construction of the Mughal Sultan Shah Jahan, founder of the Taj Mahal in the 17th century, now you can buy everything from it before the end of the tour in India, but be sure to master the art of bargaining before buying to get a winning deal.

While the Sarojini Market which is considered a destination for natives before tourists provides you with a great opportunity to buy valuable souvenirs and traditional Indian dresses but again don’t forget to bargain.

Qutb Minar

Where you can see the tallest minaret in India, the second-longest minarets in the world, the Qutb Minar is characterized by its red and orange colors, which were derived from the sandstone used in its construction, in addition to the carved stone arches adorning it.

the Red Castle

Tourism in India in pictures: It is located south of the capital of India, New Delhi, where you can enjoy watching the ancient seat of Mughal rule in Old Delhi, which combines the beauty of Indian, Persian, and Islamic architecture and the double domes that characterized Mughal architecture at the time, and if you want to know more about the history of building the Red Fort and its founders, the Mughal Visit them and watch the documentaries, documentaries and the audio story shows presented.

Lotus Temple

A Baha’i temple, but it is one of the attractions of tourism in India of various religions and nationalities around the world. The Lotus Temple has an Iranian design in the form of the famous lotus tree and its marble building stones that were attracted from Greece and the multiplicity of its 9 gates, in addition to the aesthetic view that surrounds it from A garden and a swimming pool, so you can enjoy as a tourist the splendor of design and the beauty of the view at the same time.

the National Museum

The largest museum in India in terms of the number of archaeological exhibits that you can see in it and learn about the history of India for 4 thousand years through it, the museum includes a Buddhist temple, a section of the antiquities of Asia, and another of the antiquities of the West, and a section of sculptures and paintings, as well as jewelry, statues and precious stones.

Humayun’s tomb

One of the most famous landmarks of India that is distinguished by its Persian architectural design according to its designer, in Humayun’s Mausoleum, you will enjoy seeing the Persian architecture on its origins through two floors of sandstone adorned by a double white marble dome and Quranic motifs around Humayun’s tomb, along with a wonderful quadruple garden interspersed with bridges And industrial water ponds

National Zoo

An ideal destination for lovers of photography while tourism in India and its capital, like the park, which occupies 71 hectares of area, is stocked with thousands of animals and wild birds that characterize India.

8_ Tourism in Kochi
Tourism in Kochi

Perhaps Kochi is somewhat distinct from the areas of tourism in India in other cities, as it is a city that combines entertainment and traditional heritage art, rare and unique wildlife in the presence of the archaeological treasures of museums and ancient palaces

The most important possibility is tourism in Kochi.

Vigeland theme park

If the tourism trip to India that you will take with family and children, do not forget when you visit Kochi to go up the hill to spend a unique fun day at Vigeland Amusement Park, the oldest amusement park and water games for children in the city, where your children will enjoy the dozens of distinctive games offered by the city to them.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

One of the best tourist places in India in general and in Kochi in particular, where you can enjoy watching and photographing hundreds of birds of endangered species, along with mangrove marine forests, with natural lakes that include wonderful and rare types of fish and marine creatures.

Folklore Museum

If you as a tourist are interested in seeing archaeological antiques and different ways of life and living in the ancient history of India, in addition to attending some cultural exhibitions, seeing Indian hand products, and enjoying distinctive Indian dances and songs, then the Kerala Folklore Museum and Theater in Kochi is your main destination.

Indo-Portuguese Museum

If you, as a tourist, want to enjoy the antiquities of two countries with one trip to one country, the Indo-Portuguese Museum is your ideal destination, as the museum built by the former Bishop of Kochi includes in its five halls a large collection of artifacts and relics that symbolize civil and religious life in India and Portugal, which was the first to be subject to its colonial control in the past. And on top of it is a processional cross in the form of pure wood and silver.

Hill Palace

One of India’s most famous landmarks and the largest archaeological heritage palaces in it, like the palace, dates back to the mid-17th century and Hill Palace includes about 49 buildings surrounded by vast gardens, in addition to the huge monuments and the exhibition of modern art and weapons that India knew in ancient times.

9_ Srinagar


You will not find more than this dazzling!

The Srinagar region is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. It is a ski resort in the winter and a beautiful resort in the summer. It contains lakes, gardens, hills, and amazing valleys such as the rare Gulmarg Valley.

10_ Ooty

Switzerland of India

The city of Ooty is called “the Switzerland of India”, due to the magnificent scenery and green carpet of this region that competes with the charming European nature. It is famous for the beautiful “Carriage” lake, which takes visitors on trips and boat tours around it. Riding the train here is a pleasure in itself, as it takes travelers On a journey of dreams around green fields, towering mountains, and captivating waterfalls as if setting out on a journey to lost paradise!



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