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Grow Your Online Store With These 5 Shipping Tips

By Cristiana , in Business , at March 9, 2023

A recent survey found that nearly 84% of e-commerce shoppers consider delivery an important factor in their online shopping experiences.

So, for an e-commerce owner, getting delivery right can help your business. Shipping forms an essential part of any online business. It’s the point where customers experience your offerings in person.

In this guide, we’ll go over five shipping tips for business growth. Read on to learn about each one of them.

1. Offer Product Weight and Shipping Rate Transparency

Take time to weigh the products before shipping them and disclose their weight to your customers. The weights can help you set reasonable shipping costs. Note that a product’s actual weight may differ from its shipping weight.

Consumers are demanding shipping rate transparency more than ever. As an online store operator, you should disclose these rates on every product landing page.

Hiding the costs until the last minute can damage customers’ trust in your business. Competing with larger brands is also difficult if you aren’t transparent about these costs.

2. Package the Products the Right Way

When sending an order to a customer, focus on telling them something about your brand. Add a creative touch to the box and shipping label.

You should also avoid reusing boxes sent to you by a supplier. Instead, get a new box and add branding information to sell your business to customers.

Such a strategy can supplement your existing online marketing efforts.

Besides branded shipping, packaging protection solutions can help you secure the products. Be sure to view these packaging protection products for more information on these solutions.

3. Offer Diverse Shipping Options

Since consumers like choice, you should offer several shipping options. Your online store can tap into express delivery, standard delivery, or free delivery.

Choose any of these options depending on your shipping budget. And if you have overseas customers, you can also include international shipping.

4. Allow Order Tracking and Highlight Expected Delivery Dates

Package tracking helps remove the anxiety from shipping. It helps shed light on a particular delivery timeline. You can send the tracking information to your customers regarding their orders.

Highlighting the expected delivery dates can also help garner your business a good reputation. Only give the delivery date once you are certain that your shipping modes won’t have any delays.

5. Measure the Performance of Your Shipping Strategies

There are several indicators that you can use to measure your shipping success. They include order fulfillment and accuracy, loss/damage, and the number of returns. Other key performance indicators include shopping cart abandonment stats.

Constantly monitor these KPIs to spot any changes in your strategies. Doing this also helps you keep up with your competitors.

Shipping Tips to Streamline Logistics

Master these shipping tips, and you’ll grow your online store to desired levels. Also, find a balance between running the store and delivering the products to customers for better outcomes.

Remember that customer satisfaction plays a great role in the success of an online store. And shipping can attract more business if done well. All the best as you grow your e-commerce store with these business tips.

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