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4 Facts About Recycling

By Cristiana , in Business , at July 27, 2021

Most people know that recycling is good for the planet and is a cost-effective and easy way for their businesses to go green. There is always more to know about this environmentally friendly practice to ensure you continue to be a good steward of the earth. Read on to learn four facts about recycling.

1. More Items Can Be Recycled Than You Think

It is well known that items such as newspapers and plastic bottles can be recycled. However, it is less known that styrofoam coffee cups and takeout containers can be recycled as well. Styrofoam is also used in packing peanuts used to transport fragile items. The next time you get food to-go or find yourself with an otherwise empty box full of packing peanuts, consider using a local recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL. Motor oil can also be recycled and reused, reducing the need to extract new oil from the earth.

2. Recycling Saves Energy

While it does use some energy to transport and configure the recyclable item into a new item, it ultimately saves energy in the long run to recycle over making materials from scratch. Making materials from scratch uses more energy by way of collecting and processing the raw materials, and recycling reduces or eliminates the need for this.

3. Small Actions Count

Making small changes on a daily basis can go a long way. For example, use a reusable filter when making coffee or tea, eliminating the need for paper filters. When cleaning, try to use cloth towels rather than disposable paper towels.

4. More Can Be Done

While plastic is one of the more well-known materials that can be recycled, people still throw a lot of plastic away, causing much of this material to end up in the oceans and damaging sea life in the process.

The more people learn about recycling, the more they can do to live in a more efficient and sustainable way.


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