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Fun Things to Do in Destin Florida: The Complete Guide

By Cristiana , in Travel , at March 6, 2023

Looking to take a break? Have you heard about all the beautiful beaches in Destin, Florida? You need to go.

So many people want to go to Destin because of the gorgeous beaches. They’re so interested in the beaches that even their passport application was the most popular!

But the beaches aren’t the only wonderful things to do in Destin. Don’t you believe us? Then check out our list of the most fun things to do in Destin, Florida.

Play the Escape Room

One of the fun and unique things that visitors can do in Destin, Florida, is playing an escape room. Whether you’re a first-timer or an old pro, an escape room is a perfect place for a group of friends to have an adventure. Each room provides participants with obstacles to solve, buildings to explore, and puzzles to figure out, all in a limited amount of time.

For example, the Challenge Florida escape room allows teams of up to 6 people to escape a series of themed rooms, each with a unique objective to accomplish. If you’re looking for more escape room info, be sure to check out Challenge Florida in Destin and be ready for a thrilling adventure!

Enjoy Some of Destin’s Best Seafood

Destin, Florida, is a great choice for seafood lovers. From the freshest catch of the day served dockside to fine dining experiences, the variety, and quality of seafood in Destin make it a popular destination for seafood lovers.

For those who want to go straight to the source, local seafood markets provide the freshest of catches, such as grouper, mahi-mahi, and shrimp, as well as locally harvested seafood favorites like oysters and blue crabs.

To supplement your seafood shopping, travel seafood shacks make for a tasty pit stop. Take your picks to the beach and enjoy a home-cooked seafood meal right at the shore.

Finally, hit up Destin’s award-winning seafood restaurants to enjoy some of the area’s best creations. With a variety of seafood spots in Destin, there’s something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for seafood lovers.

Take a Boat Ride to Crab Island

One activity to consider if you’re visiting Destin, Florida, is to take a boat ride to Crab Island. Located just off the coast, this secluded paradise is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and the calming waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Many boat rental companies are available in the area, and visitors can choose to stay for just an hour or make it into a day trip to Destin.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot various wildlife in their natural environment while enjoying the ride. Once you arrive at the island, you can spend some time swimming or snorkeling in the crystal blue waters of the bay, exploring the nearby sand bar, or enjoying a picnic in the shade.

After taking in the sights and relaxing, you can hop back into your boat and cruise back to the mainland with lots of memories and stories to share.

Rent a Kayak and Explore the Bubbling Estuaries

Renting a kayak to explore the estuaries of Destin, Florida, is an experience you won’t soon forget. Adapt to a peaceful pace and take in the views as you explore the coastal marshlands, creeks, and rivers of Destin. Hear the birds, fish, and gentle waves while you soak in the sun.

Indulge in recreational activity while you go deep into the estuary and appreciate its natural beauty. From renting your kayak to full-day tours, experts in the area are available to guide you as you traverse a network of estuaries and peaceful rivers.

Destin kayak rentals provide all the necessary equipment, knowledge, guidance, and safety to enjoy the serene beauty of the estuary waterways. With many vendors in the area, take your pick and embark on an incredible journey.

Spend Some Time on the Beach

Destin, Florida, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you’re swimming, walking, fishing, or just taking in the views, there’s no better way to spend a day in Destin than on the beach. Take a morning stroll along the white sand, have a picnic lunch on the shore, and watch the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico.

During the summer months, join one of the many beach sports competitions and enjoy a day of friendly competition. Don’t forget to get a tan and take a dip in the warm Gulf waters! The beaches of Destin are the perfect place to spend an afternoon, or an entire day, relaxing and experiencing the beauty of the Florida coast.

Stroll Through the Historical Village

One of the most fun things to do in Destin, Florida, is to stroll through the Historical Village. This quaint village consists of dozens of buildings that are replicas of 19th-century architecture. Quaint cottages and country buildings line either side of the winding streets.

The village also has a colorful collection of art galleries and unique shops. In the center of the village, you can take a break from strolling and enjoy a leisurely lunch and fresh seafood at any of the fine eateries. Afterward, hop on a double-decker trolley for a tour of the notable buildings.

Something interesting is to be discovered in each building, from the Civil War museum to a blacksmith’s forge and much more. The historical village offers a great oasis of relaxation and exploration to explore the city’s history and culture.

Endless Golf Courses

Destin, Florida, is renowned for its many wonderful golf courses, which draw in players from all around the world. From championship-level courses to family-friendly nine-hole courses, Destin is a golf paradise. Some of the most notable courses include the Emerald Bay Golf Club, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, Indian Bayou Golf Club, and Kelly Plantation Golf Club.

Emerald Bay is the only Fred Couples Signature Design Course in the area, making it a must-play. Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort just added another championship, The Links, and they host the Emerald Coast Cup each year. Indian Bayou Golf Club is a par 72, with elevation changes and strategically placed bunkers, lakes, and ponds.

Kelly Plantation Golf Club features an 18-hole championship course with nine holes in a Scottish-linked style and nine holes in a more traditional American layout. Each golf course provides players of every skill level with an opportunity to experience the beauty of Destin, Florida.

Surfing or Parasailing

Surfing and parasailing are two of the most popular activities when it comes to fun things to do in Destin, Florida. The stunning blue waters provide the perfect backdrop for surfers of all levels. Novice surfers are sure to find a variety of helpful instructors, boards, and locals that make the fun sport accessible to all.

Experienced surfers will also find plenty of waves to tackle. For those looking for an aerial experience, parasailing is a great way to take in the breathtaking views of Destin. Those brave enough to give it a try will be able to soar thousands of feet above the ground and catch a glimpse of the beautiful area from a unique point of view.

Whether it’s surfing, parasailing, or anything in between, Destin is the perfect spot for anyone looking for fun activities and a stunning view.

Explore the Beaches on Horseback

Exploring the beaches of Destin, Florida, on horseback is a delightful excursion! Head to Harborwalk Village and get a full guided horseback riding tour along the shore to get an intimate feel for the beach. Listen to the sound of the horse’s hooves in the sand, feel the ocean air whip through your hair, and take in the beautiful and picturesque views of the Gulf of Mexico.

The guided tour is a great way to stay safe and enjoy the moment, and the Horseback Riding Company also offers aerial adventures, private rides, and overnight trail rides. This is an amazing way to explore the beaches of Destin and experience a little bit of everything the area has to offer.

Dolphin Tours and Sunset Cruises

The breathtaking displays of natural beauty that Destin has to offer, dolphin tours, and sunset cruises in the area are a must-see for all visitors. Taking a sunset tour along the Gulf Coast or hopping on board a dolphin-watching cruise is an incredible experience. Additionally, many tour companies offer special packages for families, couples, or groups, so there is something for everyone.

On a dolphin viewing tour, you will likely observe the resident dolphins frolicking in the waves and enjoying a stunning view of the coastline. If you prefer a more romantic exploration of the area, a sunset cruise is a perfect way to take in Destin’s beauty. Sunset tours will often provide complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres while traveling along the scenic shorelines.

A Complete Guide to Things to Do in Destin and Have Fun

Destin, Florida, is a great destination for family vacations and group getaways. With unlimited possibilities ranging from fun day trips to thrilling water sports, visitors can find some things to do in Destin, and it’s exciting for everyone!

The perfect combination of adventurous activities and relaxing beaches makes this a must-visit Destin. Check out this complete guide to learn more, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

We hope this article has proved useful to you. If you enjoy it, make sure to check out the rest of our blog for more informative content.


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