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Planning a Holiday? Here’s What You Should Wear on Vacation!

By Cristiana , in Travel , at July 22, 2020 Tags: ,

Twenty-one percent of summer travel is devoted to sightseeing and vacation. But whether you’re planning the standard summer vacation or an off-season one, you’ll always face one challenge: deciding what you should wear on vacation.

Deciding what to wear on vacation isn’t as simple as tossing swimsuits and shorts in a bag. Today’s vacations often involve a broad range of activities, requiring an equally broad range of outfits. And thanks to social media, you’ll want to make sure you look good in all the photos, too.

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We’re here to help. Here are some essential items to pack for your next vacation!


If you’re a dress lover, a suitcase full of dresses can be a lifesaver. It’s an entire outfit in a single item, and most dresses can be dressed up or down, so you can wear them multiple times in one trip.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Not into dresses? Get the same energy from a few rompers or jumpsuits instead. Having a single item that makes an entire outfit allows for more room in your suitcase.

Double-Duty Swimwear

Both men and women will benefit from packing double-duty swimwear: swim items that you can also wear on land.

For men, look for elevated board shorts that also work as regular shorts when paired with a t-shirt or button-down. For women, one-pieces that also function as bodysuits with jeans or shorts make a great choice.

Versatile Shoes

If you pack shoes that can’t serve multiple purposes, you’re just wasting space.

Only bring shoes that will serve you well in multiple settings. For men, this could mean a pair of loafers that can go from boardwalk to dinner. For women, try low-heeled sandals that work with both casual and formal looks.

Lots of Accessories

While you save space with your clothes, you can splurge by packing lots of accessories.

Different accessories can make a single item, like a jumpsuit, look totally different. This lets you get more wear out of each piece and helps keep you from getting bored with what you packed.


No matter how tropical your destination is, factors like air conditioning and storms can create chilly situations. Don’t forget versatile layers, like a light jacket or cardigan in a neutral color.

Special Items

Depending on where you’re headed, it often makes sense to pack at least one special, show-stopping item. For example, when you go on a cruise.

Only one word describes European cruises – unforgettable. Don’t you want an equally unforgettable outfit to wear for special nights out on that trip?

Now You Know What You Should Wear on Vacation: What’s Next?

Knowing what you should wear on vacation will help you pack. But turning vacation clothes into complete vacation outfits is another story.

Packing simple, versatile items should help you build all the outfits you need. However, sometimes you may need a little inspiration to mix and match those items effectively.

We’ve got all your inspiration right here. Return to our Trends & Street Style section often and screenshot your favorites so you’ll have plenty of outfit inspiration on deck!