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9 Best Visiting Places In Sri Lanka

By Adam Clark , in Lifestyle , at January 30, 2021 Tags: ,

Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean is a Perl-shaped island nation in South Asia. The distance from Kanyakumari, India’s southernmost point is approximately 356 kilometers. The unique culture, history, and weather of Sri Lanka make it an amazing destination for travelers.

Sit back and relax as we glide around the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and attach your seats.

  1. Colombo

Colombo is Sri Lanka’s capital and by population is the largest city. It’s Sri Lanka’s commercial hub with a rich colonial history and a jarring mixture of western races, religions, and cultures. The two official languages spoken by local people are Sinhalese and Tamil. History is kept alive by ancient Portuguese, British and Dutch houses. Massive mansions, sumptuous parks, fine dining areas, shopping centers, and ancient clubs give you an insight into the British lifestyle. Colombo is without a doubt one of Sri Lanka’s best places to visit.

  1. Bentota

Bentota is Sri Lanka’s resort town and the best place to go in summer. Beachside hotels with large pools and guesthouses suit all budget trips have an attractive venue. For die-hard scuba divers, Bentota is the ideal destination, as water is typically warm and clear. The hatching of endangered turtles is one of the best things you can see in Bentota. This is Bentota’s most beautiful spot. See Bentota as one of Sri Lanka’s best places to visit.

  1. Dambulla

For peace lovers, Dambulla is an unbelievable place. It’s full of old architectural monuments, a gem to be observed. Dambulla Cave Temple is the largest preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka and an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage. It is very spiritual and entertaining for the guests with the cave paintings, the holy vibes, and the Buddhist statue. The next location to add to your path is the National Park Minneriya which is the perfect spot for wild elephants and safaris. It was also great to visit the Buddhist Museum and Wall Paintings Museum. In Dhyan Chakra Mudra, it has Asia’s largest Buddha statue.

  1. Mirissa

You will see massive, blue whales in this location. It is one of the only colonies in their natural habitat documented for resident blue whales. You will also see dolphins on whale watching tours organized by the southern coast head of Mirissa and Dondra. The Mirissa film BBC reports that every day there are 30 blue whales. The title of this documentary was “Ocean Giants,” which was focused on experimental work to shed light on the ways of blue whales and why they were so gigantic. Mirissa is one of Sri Lanka’s most unbelievable places to visit.

  1. Galle

Galle has located about 119 km from Colombo on the south-west tip of Sri Lanka. It is known primarily for Fort Galle, the strong town built in the 16th century by Portuguese colonists. Galle is surrounded by ramparts starting from one end to the other. These ramparts are wide and in the 17th century, they were constructed by the Netherlands. The walls have a pretty good design and are worth seeing. You can walk and shop at Galle Fort, as there are shops and boutiques that sell local commodities and souvenirs. Galle is definitely one of the places to visit in Sri Lanka if you are in love with ancient things.

  1. Kandy

In downtown Sri Lanka, Kandy is a big city. It is Sri Lanka’s last town in the King’s era. It is encircled by mountains. There is plenty of tea and rainforests throughout the city. The best attraction of the city is the pleasant Kandy Lake that is renowned for its leisure activities. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka if you want to spend time walking through nature. Because of the Buddhist places in the city including the Tooth Relic Temple, the town is said to be regarded as holy and sacred.

  1. Nuwara Eliya, Little England

Sri Lanka is the hill country Sri Lankan central district, Nuwara Eliya, also charmingly known as ‘Little England.’ It has a mountain history, lovely valleys, and tea plantations. It is where the British designed and enjoyed their holidays in the Holiday Bungalows. To make your visit worthwhile, you can stay at Grand Hotels. You can find British elements in the city as there are houses such as huts and mansions in Queen Ann’s style. In the center of the Nuwara Eliya, Gregory Lake is a peaceful walking park.

  1. Udawalawe National Park

If you’re not persuaded of Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches, rich culture, ancient architecture, blue whales, this hypnotic national park is sure to persuade you to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka. The Udawalawe National Park was established as a sanctuary to the wildlife of the Udawalawe Reservoir that supplies water for farmers and hydropower generators across a wide area resembling an African game park. If you’re amazed by wildlife, Udawalawe National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s best places to visit and safari.

  1. Yala National Park

Yala National Park in Sri Lanka’s second-largest and most popular national park. It is Sri Lanka’s most famous national park. Some of the parks enter the sea, which touches the Indian Ocean. The park is divided into five areas where only two areas are available for visitors, allowing a wide area of the park to remain intact in its natural environment.

The Yala National Park is widely known for the large, habitat-like leopards. Two tusked elephants can also be found in the safari. There are a number of bird species, including pavilions and adults in the park. Tourists also pay heed to the spotted deer, buffalos, and crocodiles.


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