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5 Tips for Figuring Out Your Perfect Cannabis Dose

By Cristiana , in CBD , at August 11, 2022

Marijuana is not like ordinary medications where you must follow specific dosing instructions. The drug affects people differently. The form of delivery also affects how much you can take.

If you want to understand how different marijuana experiences are from one person to another, look at how the psychoactive effects work. Some people will get high on a specific dose, and others won’t. For some, the effects last longer than others.

Basically, the perfect dose for you is different from everyone else’s. It comes down to various factors like tolerance, metabolism, and age.

If you haven’t yet figured out your perfect cannabis dose, here are tips to help you along.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Unless you’ve used cannabis for a while and understand your tolerance level, you may have to experiment with the drug a bit. Take things slowly, however, until you reach your perfect high.

It’s advisable to start with the smallest doses, like 2.5mg, even if you’re not convinced that will grant you the desired experience. You’re better off knowing for sure whether 2.5 works or you need to amp things up a bit and take a full dose.

The idea is to take a small amount of cannabis, wait for some time and then increase the intake until the effects kick in.

Consider What You’re Taking

Smoking weed and using edibles are not the same thing when it comes to the effects.

While edibles take longer for the effects to set in, they also last longer. You may not want to rush into taking more when it comes to edibles. 

On the other hand, things happen fast when you smoke. It’ll be easy to tell whether what you’ve smoked was enough.

What about tinctures?

Things are even more different when using cannabis tinctures as they contain cannabis concentrate with exact content quantity. If the bottle says 100mg, then it is 100mg.

You’ll also be aware of the THC and CBD contents in the bottle. Besides, the measuring dropper is meant to help you take exact doses, meaning that the chances of accidentally taking too much are low.

Still, it would be best to start small and increase intake gradually. Since tinctures are taken sublingually, it’s easy to tell if the amount you take works because effects set in fast.

Watch the Edible Labels

You’ve probably wondered how cannabis content in edibles is measured. Well, the standard dose is 5 mg, even for edibles. No matter how much or little you buy, if the package says 5 mg, the whole thing contains that exact amount of THC.

So, if a single dose is 5 mg, your edible package may say 15 mg, which means your product carries three doses. It’s advisable to take a single dose at a time.

Choose Your Strain

Let’s say you went to a dispensary and asked for marijuana without specifying your needs. You then get your stash and enjoy it but when you come back, what you get gives you a totally different experience.

Cannabis has been bred to the point where buying blindly almost guarantees you won’t get the effects you’re looking for. Things like flavor, smell, and potency vary with every cannabis strain.

Here’s what that means.

You may use the same amount of two different strains and find that one is stronger than the other.

The solution is to educate yourself about cannabis classifications and the strains associated with them. It’ll be easier to determine your ideal dose depending on each strain once you know how much THC and CBD they carry.

Generally, strains with high THC content tend to have strong effects. The lower the THC value, the milder the strain.

Seek Expert Opinion

If you’re new to marijuana, talking to an experienced user is super beneficial. You get to learn the dos and don’ts from the perspective of someone who has been there.

You may also ask your budtender about doses and how to reach a comfortable high. Those people are not there to simply sell you weed. They have knowledge of cannabis and will enlighten you on areas you don’t understand.

Final Thoughts

One thing to remember about cannabis products is that there’s no perfect dose for everyone. There is a standard dose, which works for some and doesn’t for others.

The best you can do is go slow and stay patient when experimenting with dosages.



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