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How is Vaping CBD Different From ‘Regular’ Vaping?

By Cristiana , in CBD , at May 31, 2022

They are vaping means inhaling the electric cigarette-generated vapor, in the most straightforward words. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are nothing but smoking devices that run on battery power. Cartridges in these devices are filled with liquid containing flavors, nicotine, and other chemical compounds. Because of this electronic device’s heat, the liquid turns into vapor when an individual inhales through the machine. 

Vaping has become a daily-life phenomenon for over a decade now. No wonder why it is gaining popularity day by day! While a traditional cigarette produces around 7,000 chemicals when burnt, an e-cigarette has fewer than those. However, that doesn’t mean vaping e-cigarettes isn’t non-addictive. E-cigarettes burn nicotine/tobacco and create an aerosol to inhale, which and in turn, makes it difficult for vapers to quit. But for some time now, a new trend has taken over the talk of the town. 

CBD oil vaping.

Yes, you read it right. Individuals ingest cannabidiol (CBD) in multiple ways, including vaping, which has become quite popular among adults. After its legalization in many states, because of the medicinal benefits of marijuana, people have started consuming CBD products at a mightier pace. 

A few studies show CBD as a blessing to chronic pain symptoms and anxiety relief. Although CDC and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haven’t approved CBD usage yet, their long-term impacts. You may easily order premium quality CBD Vape Pen.

Tidbits of regular vaping

Most people have a mindset that vaping is safe. No wonder it is safer compared to smoking. However, the final results are almost similar. CDC has already affirmed an outbreak of lung injuries caused due to e-cigarettes and vaping. In the recent past (February 2020), there were 2,807 confirmed cases of EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury). Moreover, 68 deaths are associated with the same condition. 

Conventional and electronic cigarettes chiefly contain nicotine. Nicotine is toxic and has ill-impacts on blood pressure and adrenaline. Nicotine inhaled via any medium cause an increased heart rate leading to severe heart attacks. Besides chronic lung disease, nicotine is responsible for asthma and cardiovascular diseases as well. 

Above all, regular vaping is as addictive as consuming drugs like cocaine and heroin. While using an electronic cigarette, you crave a puff. And, if you overlook the craving, you might suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The worst thing is that the user can add extra-strengthful cartridges to vaping and boost the nicotine level. Moreover, they can also adjust the voltage of e-cigarettes to get a more remarkable nicotine substance hit. 

Even though brands promote e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking, there’s no approval from the CDC yet. On the contrary, CDC says that people who use electronic vaping devices end up smoking traditional cigarettes again after some time because it is more addictive. The use of e-cigarettes has heightened to a level where it will get out of control in a few years. In the 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey, the stats clearly show that 1.72 million high school students and 320,000 middle school students affirmed using electronic cigarettes. 

Tidbits of CBD vaping

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent compound found in Cannabis Sativa family plants. Mostly mistaken for THC, CBD is more used for its medicinal properties than for getting high. Recently, there has been buzz about using CBD products for various health conditions. Although consuming CBD is possible in multiple ways like tinctures, oils, and vaping. Surprisingly, there are a lot of CBD oils and flavored juices available on the market for vaping. However, very few like CBD Vape Juice from are trustworthy and safe. 

Most individuals who want to benefit from the CBD’s potential therapeutic powers vape CBD considering it the fastest effective method. More and more CBD consumers are diverting themselves to vape CBD because it directly reaches the lungs in no time and shows impacts immediately. As fast as vaping CBD impacts the body, its after-effects fade away much quicker. 

While we are talking about this, let’s see what the Associated Press found in its study on 30 CBD vape oils claiming to have CBD in them. They discovered that only ten out of thirty vape oils had synthetic marijuana, and shockingly the rest had no CBD presence. Moreover, eight oils had no detectable CBD, whereas fourteen oils had below 0.3% level of CBD. Additionally, six oils contained about 1.07% to 8.87% weight of CBD.

How are the two different from each other?

Vaping is injurious to health, and CBD vaping is no exception. Vaping CBD oil is not much different from regular vaping. However, there might be a difference in the intentions lying behind both. While regular vaping is involved with nicotine addiction, CBD vaping is for possible health treatments. Nevertheless, if the ultimate aim of CBD vaping is also to get high with marijuana, it is not advisable from our end. 

There are many dilemmas among the CBD vapers regarding their ideal dosage. But the fact is, there is no approval and regulation from the FDA except for the Epidiolex drug. Hence, it is difficult to conclude whether CBD vaping is genuinely fruitful. Moreover, a multitude of vape pens is available on the market. If you bring the inferior one, it won’t have favorable outcomes no matter what you vape. 


Now we have learned about regular and CBD vaping. If you consider CBD oil vaping for health purposes, we recommend consulting an expert beforehand. As long as the benefits are associated, there come significant risks too. Moreover, vaping CBD interacts with other medications in the body. Hence, you should consult your doctor, who knows about your health conditions, before consuming CBD through vaping and in any form. 


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