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All about CBD and mental health

By Cristiana , in CBD , at February 23, 2023

Mental health is an essential part of our health that needs to be taken care of. Many people experience increased anxiety, depression or psychosis. As soon as specific symptoms appear, it is essential to talk about them with others and with a health professional.

The latter will be able to establish a diagnosis and guide you as best as possible in the solutions to adopt. CBD can contribute to global well-being and limit specific symptoms even if it is not a medicine. Find out how this hemp extract is beneficial to mental health balance.

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What is mental health?

According to the WHO, mental health is a state of complete well-being, whether physical, social or mental. It is an essential component of health that enables people to cope with life’s challenges, work productively, achieve and contribute to the community.

Mental health is defined by socio-economic, environmental and biological factors and goes beyond the absence of mental disorders. Many mental diseases affect good mental health, whether mild and occasional or severe and chronic. To treat mental disorders, people use therapeutic and drug treatment. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe anxiolytics, antidepressants or anti-psychotics.

What does CBD do for mental health disorders?

It is estimated that 15-20% of people experience an anxiety episode in their lifetime. This is the most common mental disorder, which leads to anxious emotions, psychological disorders or physical disorders.

A patient suffering from this disorder will experience intense, long-lasting, repetitive anxiety without a direct link to any real danger. However, it is a psychological illness that strongly impacts daily life, particularly with irrational fears, intense apprehension, memory loss, irritability, insomnia and fatigue.

The symptoms are diverse and varied depending on the person. Taking CBD helps to provide a natural anxiolytic effect. It helps to calm the mind but also to reduce physical symptoms. Its action on the different hormones helps to regulate the stress level, feel peace of mind, and improve the mood and perception of life. It will also help to reduce anxiety attacks to regain daily well-being gradually.

CBD to help relieve PTSD

People who have post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD have experienced a traumatic situation. It can affect high-risk professions (military, law enforcement, first aid) and victims of violence, terrorism, accidents or assault. PTSD manifests itself through various symptoms depending on the past event.

The individual may relive the scene and have flashbacks. They may become emotionally detached, have intrusive thoughts, and have high anxiety… But also they may develop physical symptoms such as tremors, migraines or digestive disorders.

In this type of mental disorder, the patient’s nervous system has lost the ability to regulate itself. This explains the defence systems put in place by the body.

Legal CBD can rebalance the body’s responses to reduce symptoms. It helps to regulate stress, fight against sleep disorders, space out panic attacks and avoid intrusive thoughts. It is, therefore, favourable for calming the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBD and depression: is it beneficial?

Depression is a psychological illness that can affect all ages. The triggering factors are not known. They may be social, environmental or genetic. Depression leads to disabling symptoms in everyday life, such as a loss of motivation, social isolation, low self-esteem, deep sadness, failure or back pain.

In depression, it appears that the level of serotonin, the happiness hormone, is deregulated. To improve depressive states, it is, therefore, necessary to succeed in increasing the production of serotonin. This is what traditional antidepressants do, but also CBD. This hemp molecule can inhibit the reuptake of serotonin from regulating its level in the synapses. CBD, therefore, has the potential to improve depressive states and related symptoms.

Does CBD have any beneficial effects on psychosis?

Psychosis is a mental disorder that leads the patient to lose contact with reality. They may then experience delusions, incoherent speech and hallucinations. The individual is unable to distinguish between their perception and what exists. All thoughts, emotions and perceptions are transformed. A psychotic episode is not always a sign of a mental illness.

However, it is one of the symptoms of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, delusional disorders and depression. They can also occur after taking hallucinogenic substances or drugs. CBD can be an ally in relieving symptoms, as it has natural anti-psychotic properties. It helps reduce negative emotions, depression, and anxiety and regulates mood.

Good advice for consuming CBD to improve your mental well-being

Taking CBD is not a substitute for prescribed medication. It does not constitute treatment but acts as a food supplement. It allows you to regain an internal balance favourable to good mental health. Before taking it, it is advisable to ask your doctor’s advice to avoid drug interactions with your current treatment.

CBD has only very slight side effects (drowsiness, digestive problems) and is not psychotropic. At the onset of the slightest abnormal symptom, it is recommended to stop consumption. If you are starting to use the drug, start with low doses and increase them if necessary, on you can find a huge number of CBD which can help you manage stress and anxiety.


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