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Is CBD Vape Juice More Effective Than Nicotine E-liquid?

By Cristiana , in CBD , at May 31, 2022

Vaping isn’t a new term at all, and it’s been around for countless years. The majority of vaping fans are teenagers who love to have fun with their friends. This trend is creating an impact worldwide and increasing the demand for the production of different kinds of vape juice. While there were already vape juices based on nicotine, people need other healthy options. It has compelled the manufacturers of CBD products to create cannabidiol-based vape juices. It’s incredible that people now utilize vape oil in vape pens to inhale vapors. The market for CBD vape juice is known to have exponential growth in the upcoming years. 

Additionally, the legalization of CBD-based products has given a green signal to people to use this vape juice rather than nicotine. Researchers claim that using vape juices based on Cannabidiol can help deal with medical issues like seizures, anxiety, and depression. Different users state their various reasons for using CBD, while some might only realize its benefits. And with the development of Cannabidiol vape juice, it gets fun and easy to access the benefits of CBD. This article will help you understand why to go for CBD vape juices rather than nicotine e-liquids. 

Nicotine Vape Juice VS. CBD Vape Juice.

Nicotine may feel great, but it isn’t safe for your health. It is a drug present in tobacco that is likely to cause addiction. It is a neurotransmitter that can carry out its actions in the areas that make you feel happy. When you smoke nicotine-based products, it can release the happy hormone “Dopamine” in the brain, making you feel relieved. Hence, a person addicted to nicotine might constantly crave it and feel anxious without using it. With an increase in the severity of nicotine, a person will yearn for a high amount of nicotine for stimulation and enjoyment. 

You might have seen advertisements that tobacco is harmful to health and can cause cancer. The nicotine e-Liquid has a lesser amount of it, and hence it can save you from medical issues. But does it mean that it’s safe to use nicotine vape juice? Not entirely! Using nicotine in high amounts can still pose a risk of mental disorders, sleep disorders, and increased blood pressure. Hence after analyzing all these risks, smokers are looking to turn their ways to CBD vape juice. 

CBD is a compound extracted from Cannabis Sativa plants. Lately, this compound has achieved immense popularity due to its medical benefits, which many researchers have proved. Studies have found that it might not be addictive like nicotine. It is replacing the traditionally available nicotine e-juice. Numerous studies have found that using Cannabidiol can help you to achieve relaxation. People who are suffering from anxiety and stress might find it helpful. Additionally, CBD can be a natural way to deal with certain mental disorders like depression. You must consult with a specialist before you switch to it. 

The medical properties of Cannabidiol make it a better option for people to avoid ill effects and enjoy the experience of vaping. Also, using this compound can help you deal with chronic pain. Researchers also state that it could help people with epilepsy too. With such a long list of advantages, it might be better to use CBD vape juice rather than nicotine eLiquid. If you face any diseases, you might benefit from using CBD vape juice.

Why Is CBD Vape Juice Better Than Nicotine E-Liquid? 

  • Can Help Quit Smoking

Everyone around is aware of how harmful it is to smoke cigarettes that contain tobacco. Hence people are always on a mission to find a way to quit addiction without facing withdrawal symptoms. Using CBD vape juice can help you out with the same. While nicotine vape juice contains nicotine that too is addictive and harmful, you can’t use it to quit the addiction. On the other hand, CBD might not be addictive, and even using less of it can provide you satisfaction. Additionally, in 2022, FDA also approved the usage of three e-cigarettes proving that it is safer than nicotine-based products. 

Although there is insufficient evidence that proves the efficiency of this vape juice for smokers, self-evidences are promising. Many smokers have reported that they found a decline in the number of cigarettes gradually as they adopted vaping CBD eJuice. 

  • Better Health

Nicotine e-juices might not be extremely harmful to their health, but they might lead to medical problems in the long run. Nicotine is addictive, and once you start using it daily, you are likely to have health problems that are tough to treat. It might not be the case with CBD Vape juice. According to research, there are plenty of medical health benefits it might provide you without being addictive. When you switch to CBD vape juices instead of nicotine ones, you get to experience relief from stress, anxiety, and depression in a shorter period. Additionally, less harmful substances like carcinogens make it a better idea rate than nicotine vape juice. 

  • Many More Flavors

With the taste of nicotine that you get from vape juice, you will be able to enjoy only a single flavor. At the same time, CBD vape juice comes in various flavors that don’t leave a long-lasting odor behind. You can also find nicotine flavor in the cannabidiol vape juice, which might be advantageous for vapers. When you reach out to authentic vendors, you will have many options. Ensure that you buy a regulated vape juice from a legal vendor to ensure safety. Please start with the lowest dosage to test how it reacts with your body. 

To conclude, vaping nicotine-based liquids can create chances of suffering from medical issues such as cancer. In contrast, this might not be the case with diy cbd vape juice. The addictive nature of nicotine makes it harmful and hard to quit. When you try to stop it directly, you are likely to face withdrawal symptoms that might be life-threatening. Furthermore, you might not understand how harmful nicotine is to the lungs; hence, you must decide before it threatens your health. Hence it’s a reasonable idea to switch slowly to CBD vape juices to experience the feeling of vaping while gradually quitting the addiction to nicotine. 


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