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3 Things To Do Before Your Child Starts School

By Cristiana , in Education , at August 28, 2021

If your child is starting school in the fall, it’s important that you prepare them. Children who are properly prepared to start school are likely to do better, get better grades, and enjoy school. There are many different things you can do to help your child succeed. Here are three simple things you can do today to get your child ready to learn.

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It may seem cliche, but the best way to prepare a child for school is by reading to them. Children’s learning materials can be challenging for students to understand, especially if they have no experience with anything similar. Since books are commonly used throughout a child’s education it’s important to introduce them now. Simple picture books are also beneficial because they help your child to make general associations.


While you may already play with your child, the way you play is important. Try to bring in sharing or cooperation skills while you play. Games like soccer or basketball are great examples. If you’d like to do something different or have several children at home, you can try other games that help students make life connections. A game called Barnyard is a perfect example. In this game, you assign everyone an animal. Assign that same animal to another child. Make sure the children don’t know each other’s animals while you are assigning. Then, everyone calls out the sound their animal makes and tries to find their matching animal partner. This game promotes listening skills and helps make animal connections.


The simplest thing you can do to prepare your child is to take them on a visit to their school. This allows your child to make connections and understand where everything is prior to school starting. Your child then understands that a school is a special place, different than home. Explain the school rules to your child during this visit and what is expected of them.

Children who are not prepared can have a difficult time learning and retaining information. If you prepare your child in advance, you can help them succeed.


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