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3 Ways to make money as an Online tutor

By Cristiana , in Education , at August 1, 2022

Online teaching is a lucrative way for experienced (non-experienced as well) to make a 5-figure monthly income or even more. The advantages of online teaching are the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime while making a good amount of money while doing so. Educators can share their expertise about any subject that aligns with their passion and experience.

Tips to maximize revenue- Proven in delivering results

If you are an English teacher, math tutor, fitness trainer, or even musician, you can monetize using your valuable skills. The amount of revenue you can generate depends; for some tutors, it happens quickly, whereas, for some, it takes some good time.

We know this, and that’s why we have compiled the most powerful and proven ways to make money through online tutoring. Let’s get started.

Get more students for online tutoring

The rising popularity of online tutoring makes this the best time for you to establish and grow your online tutoring business. If you want to make more money through online tutoring, you must focus on getting more students. More students enrolling for your online classes = More money.

Having a loyal learner base who repeatedly signs up for your classes is also good for making recurring money as they will keep coming back to you. It is more likely that they will bring their peers along with them, which brings in more business.

Make it possible for your target learners to find you

When it comes to online tutoring, getting recognized is critical for the success of your tutoring business. As a basic approach, list yourself as an online tutor on Google so that you appear in the google search results.

Plan your social media strategy accordingly and make sure you post regularly on social media. Marketing your tutoring brand on social media is an important strategy you must use as most people spend a long time on social media channels, and it influences their buying decisions.

Make sure you do the following things to make your social media engagement.

  • Post microblogs containing short lessons or learning tips.
  • Share “How to” videos.
  • Post testimonials and results achieved by your clients.
  • Showcase how engaging your classes are, and upload posts related to activities you conduct online.
  • Promote any discounts and offers on your classes.
  • Conduct live sessions relevant to your subject area.

Build an online tutoring website- to conduct online classes

If you want to make money through online tutoring, you don’t want to share your hard-earned money with third-party platforms. That’s exactly why you must build an online tutoring platform to conduct online classes and host online courses. Conducting online classes on your own website is a great way to keep all the money you make for yourself. An online tutoring website is essential for online presence and to optimize the content for search engines.

If you are on a tight budget, the best development approach you can choose is to use tutoring software. Pinlearn is one of the best tutoring software you can choose to build your tutoring website as it comes with all the essential features to run a tutoring business quickly and smoothly. Hosting online courses and conducting live online classes or group classes becomes easy if you have the right software.

Simplify your class booking process

When you expand your services, and your client base grows, it becomes difficult to manage and track the booking process. Setting an organized schedule to fix the time slot of your class if you are focusing on making more money. If you use tutoring software, managing the booking process becomes much easier.

Let’s explore the advantages of having a quick and easy booking process.

  • Class scheduling with a button click

It becomes easy to schedule your classes with a single click. Students can also book your online classes by selecting a free slot of their choice.

  • 24* booking

If you don’t have a proper class scheduling process in place, your students can book only during your operation hours. However, if you simplify your booking process and make it online, students can book classes during any time of the day.

  • Better management

Simplifying your booking process helps you with time management as well. You can use the time you space to make your classes more productive and engaging.

  • Smart integrations

When you are scheduling your online classes, it will be combined with video calling software like Zoom to power engaging live online classes.

Money-making strategies for your online classes

The amount of revenue you can generate also depends on the revenue strategies you adopt. For example, if you are adopting a subscription plan, you can get predictable recurring revenue. Whereas if you sell online courses, you can’t guarantee monthly money flow. But, you can ensure you get a good amount with each sale. Now let’s explore some of the money-making approaches you can adopt in online tutoring.

Paid classes

Charging upfront is one of the basic yet effective revenue strategies every educator adopts. You can use this for both personal sessions and group classes.

Subscription packages

Selling classes as a bundle is another revenue strategy that assures recurring revenue. Educators who can provide ongoing content that offers value can consider adopting this.

Tiered payment system

If you are adopting selling subscriptions, you can build a tiered payment system where you offer different yes of price packages, of course, with different perks. Make the packages exciting based on the value it offers, and the pricing reflects the quality.

Paid certificates

Most tutoring businesses that offer online courses for free adopt this strategy. You can provide the online courses for free to your learners and give off paid certificates.

Selling PDFs

In addition to your basic revenue model, you can sell extras like eBooks, PDFs, printable lesson plans, and anything you would think your learners will benefit from.


The biggest pandemic the world has seen, the COVID -19 pandemic, has entirely transformed how educators and tutors interact. Online tutoring has become the most lucrative sector with decent money flow. Staying consistent in what you do and putting in hard work can help you educators excel in online teaching.



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