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Small Kindness with Big Impact

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle Education , at February 28, 2021

Little things can make a big difference, and that’s especially true of kindnesses. You probably already know how something as simple as waking up on the wrong side of the bed can have a snowball effect that ruins your whole day, but the reverse is also true. One small act of kindness gathers momentum over time.

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Perhaps this is most obvious on the personal level. If you’re having a bad day, it often only takes one stranger being nice to you to shift your mood. Humans are social animals, and receiving validation from our fellow humans is an instant serotonin boost. What’s more, you instinctively want to pay it forward. If someone buys you a coffee today, you’re more likely to buy coffee for someone else tomorrow.


Workplaces are not known for being kind, but workplaces are made of people and people are susceptible to kindness. A lot is said about the importance of competition in the workplace, but infighting is destructive to overall productivity. Happier workplaces are invariably more productive and have lower turnover. Building a healthy, happy, and kind work environment can start very simply with you saying something nice about what your co-worker did in the meeting the other day.


There are some small kindnesses that have a worldwide impact. Don’t just be kind to your fellow humans; you should also be kind to your whole planet. Don’t litter, and do recycle, even if it feels like a small thing. In a fight as big and important as the fight against global warming, every little bit counts. Lots of small acts build up over time and make a big difference.

So from the deeply rewarding personal kindnesses to the small, unnoticed kindness of recycling, it’s easy to spread a lot of kindness with little actions. you can start today!


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