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Non-Book Gifts for Book Nerds

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle Education , at November 18, 2020 Tags:

Odds are, you’ve got at least one friend or family member who is always putting books on their Christmas or birthday wish lists. That one friend or family member who, when they move, half the boxes are book boxes. Maybe they’ve come to prefer e-books over paper books, but odds are they have at least a few of both. Once you’ve got them all the books they asked for this year, here are a few ideas for gifts to give to the book nerd in your life.

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There are tons of fun accessories available for book lovers. For the e-book user, there are e-reader covers and stands. For lovers of paper books, there are book lights for late-night reading, customized bookmarks to help them keep their place, and even whole home library kits to help them keep track of their collection.

Organization and Storage

Speaking of keeping track, storing and organizing books is practically its own industry. Bookshelves, bookends and more can play their part. Get creative with small desktop bookshelves or a bedside table with built-in book storage. Every bookworm needs help getting their to-be-read pile off the floor, after all.


Also consider signing your friend up for a membership. Book clubs are great for book nerds, and there are even book boxes, so your friend can get a gift of new books and book accessories every week. You can also get your friend a membership to a group dedicated to their favorite author or genre.

You are the person best qualified to know exactly what gift will be perfect for your favorite book nerd, but whoever they are, the odds are they’d be delighted with any one of these gifts. Accessories are always fun, storage and organization tools are useful no matter what books they like to collect and memberships are the gift that keeps on giving.

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