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3 Most Common Hot Water Heater Problems to Look For

By Cristiana , in Technology , at June 24, 2020 Tags: ,

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower or bath. We don’t know how valuable our hot water is until we no longer have it. Hot water is truly a privilege.

Whether we’re looking to warm ourselves on a cool winter’s morning, create a steam room when feeling sick, or just enjoy a simple hot shower, hot water provides us with all of these opportunities. The last thing we want is to go to turn on the hot water and be faced with a hot-water problem.

There are a few hot water heater problems that are common and should be looked out for frequently. If you’re having an issue with your hot water, it’s time to take a look at your hot water heater. Here are several common hot water heater problems that you might be facing.

1. Water Leak

One of the most common hot water heater problems is a leak. This could happen either at the top of the hot water heater or at the bottom. If water is leaking from the top, you want to check the outlet pipes including both the cold and hot ones.

Be sure these aren’t loose and that all of the valves are working as they should. If the water leak is from the bottom of the water heater, then you may have more luck. In most cases, this is a simple condensation building up.

If the actual tank is leaking, then you’ll need to look into replacing it.

2. No Hot Water

If you’re not receiving any hot water at all, then your first step should be to check the breaker in your home or building. Make sure that the heater is getting it’s electric supply and is turned on. Once you’ve done this step, you should then check the limit switch on the thermostat or the heating elements inside the system.

If either of these is the problem, they’ll need to be replaced.

3. Low Hot Water Pressure 

If you’re getting hot water, but the pressure is low, then you may be living in an older home that uses smaller sized pipes. The smaller the pipe is, the less water that’s able to flow through it, decreasing your water pressure. To increase the water pressure, you can replace these pipes with larger ones.

Modern pipes are 3/4inch. If this isn’t the problem, your next step is to ensure that rust, sediments, or calcium deposits haven’t formed in your pipes creating a blockage.

Do You Need to Fix These Hot Water Heater Problems?

Is your home or building experiencing any of these common hot water heater problems? If so, you now know what to be on the lookout for and have a general idea of how to correct it.

When learning of a hot water problem, refer back to this article for all the answers you need.

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